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about the kids.

about the kids.

It’s only been 2 months since our big move, and it feels like it’s been a lot longer that that. I have noticed amazing growth and change in each child… and so for the sake of the grandmas… I have to tell…
Connor being the smallest, I think has grown the most! Even though he is still so                          tiny and new, he just fits right in! like he’s always been here. It’s time for him to start sitting up! He is trying. He is so happy, and sweet. He is just barely big enough to have his toes touch the floor when  he’s in the exersaucer, but I think he loves it cause he can see everything going on. it’s such a circus. –

Capri is just at the best age. Can’t get enough of her full blown personality! Her curly locks are just irresistibly, disorderly!  She loves everyone’s shoes, and since we are in china, that means you take your shoes off and leave them at the door. We have quite a pile there all the time! and it’s like a gold-mine for her. She is continually stomping around in someone’s shoe, and as a result, usually when it’s time to leave, you can never find one shoe, and it becomes a hunt. Next to the shoes, she loves to terrorize my newly-organized scrapbook space. The drawers are just her perfect height for her to reach in… and there is a little table I have with some paper trays on, just at the perfect height for her to climb up on. it’s a never ending battle.  She is learning to count… I count everything for her, and she is mimicking not the word, but more the tone of my voice… so now we all count everything. I love it when I can hear from the other room ‘ one…two…’

Quincy’s newest accomplishment is the loss of her 2nd front tooth. Just in time for ‘all I want for Christmas…’ I have been amazed with her reading skills. They have sky-rocketed, and she likes to read everything out loud. The girl is destined for greatness! I have been trying to teach the kids to cook- and quincy  LOVES helping me in the kitchen. Her specialty is definitely breakfast. I can totally leave her alone to make pancakes and French toast. It still freaks me out to let her crack open the eggs, but I just don’t watch! I think that one of the hardest transitions she has made is sharing a room with Capri… now she can even sleep through the midnight wake up, cryings! She is being such a great big-sister.

This whole experience has helped me to see the boys so differently, learn so much about them. what works for them, and what doesn’t. Cory can concentrate better if he’s snacking on pretzels while he works, and Colton can’t concentrate unless he’s standing up. … and  he likes to sing while he does his work. Chuckle. I am glad that I know that about those boys. I am particularly thrilled with their ability to learn Chinese. I am jealous of the way their minds soak it up, and remember the vocab, and how to pronounce. They memorize on the fly… while I am trying to take notes and visualize the foreign sounds. Seriously… I am so glad they are happy here… having this crazy life experience.

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