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after halloween…

after halloween…

it's official! the halloween celebrations are OVER!… IN FACT… all my halloween decor is down, and costumes and all spookyness are packed in bins AND placed on those shelf things that you hang on the ceiling of the garage to save space. BOOM. but i did ENJOY all the festivities! (feeling exhausted)

i have so many photo to post… but i'll just start with photos from today:

i like FRESHLY carved pumpkins on Halloween. i just hate it when the jack-0-lanters look all sad and mushy- SO…Connor and Capri came with me to the pumpkin patch and we picked out a few pumpkins!


so i think that we got about 6 pumkins, and brought them home with us! we were in a big hurry, because i was spending the afternoon helping at Capri's class… i was the mom in charge of pumpkin bowling– don't be fooled, it was A LOT of work! but not until after the entire kindergarten walked down to the Jr. High and did a little Halloween parade.. it was adorable! all the JR high kids lined the halls and applauded the little kindys… so much fun!

can you spot Capri? this photo was taken on the stairs of the Jr. high that Colton and Cory attend. (don't you love 'Sully' on the back row)


    the kids were beyond excited for the dads to come home from work and get out Trick or Treating! my Niece and Nephew coem and hung out with us tonight- and they got to Trick or Treat together. i have NEVER seen SO MANY trick or treaters….our neighborhood was packed and the kids had a blast!
this is Connor… er, i mean Spiderman!

Kids Toetouch
don't you just love seeing the kids all dressed up? it's so much fuN! i loved opening the door for all the trick or treaters… and enjoying the excitement!

Jackand don't you just love our Jack-o-lanters?

ok … more photos of the phestivities tomorrow!

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