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all good things must come to an end…

all good things must come to an end…

It’s seriously hard to believe that this is the last night of the cruise! I am laying here in my cabin, loving the rocking of the ship, and watching a movie on my laptop as I type. And quite frankly, totally missing Eric. I hate traveling without him. It’s only been a week that I have been away… and I miss him so much! This is the last cruise without him! Other than not having my favorite person to travel with… the trip has been amazing! And it’s been fun to be with my mom and dad. They are up for anything! And we have had a great time. When we arrived in Jamaica, I didn’t get off the ship, but they did, and they had a FABULOUS time! I am bummed I missed out, but I think that what I needed more than anything else was to just lay low- do nothing, relax. I can’t even explain how much better I feel just one week later! (smile!) and I got a TAN! Now, last time I was on a cruise, I was pregnant with Capri and I didn’t like the food at all…yuck. This time, the food has been awesome! Love the 24 hour free room service! There is nothing better than breakfast in bed!
 I got to be seated at the dinner table with all the other educators and their traveling companions.. it’s been so enjoyable to hang out with Margie, Donna, Karen and Teresa. Maybe you have had classes from some, or all of these ladies, but after spending a week with them, I can honestly say that I am in awe, and admiration of every one  of them.. not just creatively, but on a personal level. It has really been a highlight of this trip.
Tonight was really something special…
It was a ‘day at sea’ so most everyone finished their classes today. At 5pm, before dinner, we had a cocktail party to say goodbye, announce contest winners and do giveaways. Now, in the few days between getting home from Australia and leaving again, I managed to get to the fabric market, and pick out some pewter metallic satin fabric, and arranged to have a dress made for the ‘formal’ night. Well- that was last night, but I was teaching right before and right after, so I didn’t get to wear my dress… so I wore it tonight! It’s really shiney! IMG_2886

So, I don’t go to a lot of ‘cocktail’ parties… that is more of a ‘soap opera/tV only’ kind of thing.. but this was a real one… with pretty drinks and fancy little bites of food…and we were all together, and said our good-byes, and we had tons of amazing prizes that Jim gave away…stuff from Zutter, Cropper Hopper, AMM, Karen gave away a spot in her photography class… Donna gave away 2 spots to her sold out ‘inspired’ event, and I was happy to represent Creative Escape and giveaway a spot to the 4th ever Creative Escape! Participants in the charm swap donated an extra charm bracelet to be auctioned off to raise money for the orphans in Ochos Rios, Jamaica, and Jim even surprised one lucky winner with a trip to Alaska! It was just awesome!
I have to send a huge congrats to Jessica Gutherie (you CE alum from last year remember Jessica!) she is on board as a participant, and she WON the ‘postcard contest’.. you had to take a postcard that was provided and you could create ANYTHING with it.. Everyone could enter, and the prize was a spot on next year’s ULTIMATE SCRAPBOOK CRUISE!  Everyone voted, including staff, and teachers… and first, can I tell you that the entries were amazing! I have NEVER seen such fantastic entries to any contest… it was super inspiring! People made centerpieces, mobiles, booklets, scrapbook pages, 3D gummybear hammocks!!! i think that they will be posted on the Scrapmap site soon!  JESSICA made this cutest, funny window box with a dice kind of thing that kinda worked like a magic 8 ball… it was awesome. It was really hard to pick only one, but I have to say that she got my vote!

 All of it. this has been an ABSOLUTE delight. A great group of scrapbookers, great weather… and just an all around fabulous, rejuvenating time had by all! And so many surprises… and you know that I love surprises!! And I am talking like: champagne delivered to our room (and it was extra lucky for the people that the “mormons” gave theirs to! LOL) , we came back to chocolate covered strawberries in our rooms, Jim arranged for a photo of the teachers and staff- and got them all printed and we signed them for everyone’s scrapbooks… and topped it off with that fantastic cocktail party!
I must make one confession… in the past, I have thought that it was just crazy to want to come on a cruise to scrapbook! I mean, I thought that you’d want to come on a cruise to cruise! But I think that I have become truly converted to the beauty of a scrapbook cruise! You get it all! Being away… all the wonderful desserts!…SUN… amazing ports and photo opps…PLUS just the right amount of classes… easy come, easy go! Not to mention… breakfast in bed!
SO-if you are cold right now, or thinking that you could use a little ‘YOU’ time… a little sun, fun, water, friends, good food… ETC… how does next JANUARY sound to YOU!? what to you think about joining me on 2010’s Ultimate Scrapbook Cruise!? We are talking more “Ultimate!”… think about it! and I will link you to more info! You are all invited!! (wink) and you too ERIC… YOU have to promise to come too!

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