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almost ready

almost ready

it’s sat.
i am sick.
i am not really sure where it came from. eric and i are both sick…colds. i am sure that the stress, not sleeping and just being a little overwhelmed is to blame…i hate being sick. and i have to KICK IT before THURSDAY because i just can’t be sick for CREATIVE ESACPE… hellO! no chance… so i have to share these photos. i snapped them last week when i was at Bazzill working on some of the CE surprises!  everyone has been chipping in to get stuff done… you would not believe all the work that it has taken to get things ready. emily has been the driving force behind all the kids… emily is a kitting NAZI… she thinks they have packed approx. 10,000 kits (at least)… people… that is a freaking lot of kits. just to give you a tiny  bit of insight:
here is mr. bazzill himself. he is amazing. he has been totally involved with every step of this process.. including every single meeting… operating the fork lift.. climbing through the shelves to arrange all the kits, opening the product packs to prep for kitting… the works. this is a great guy. he’s for sure the boss. his employees love him..
you can just tell… he is an amazing person. it’s been a delight to work with him.. and all the bazzill folks. i know i have said it before, but these people know how to work.  Carol-who is the GM at bazzill- her hubby designed this fancy ribbon measuring device for all the millions of yards of ribbon that was cut and collated for various purposes throughout the event. i think that it would make us all freak out if we actually knew how many yards of ribbon went into this event. it’s OBCENE. but you have to laugh at the precision at which doug is stacking the ribbon as he cuts it… can you see that in this photo? funny…




Lots_of_ribbon in order to make the classes flow as quickly and easily as possible… everything is pre-cut to the right sizes…and kitting according to pages and with exactnes.. it’s really pretty impressive! it’s been a life altering project for all those who have been involved… and now, it’s like 5 days away. i can’t believe it. we have been planning and preparing for so long… it’s almost here. it’s going to be so awesome. i can’t wait to have it all come together. i can’t wait to see all my friends that are coming.. women i have met and connected with at past events…familiar faces as well as some of my closest friends and family.  i am so excited. it’s totally a dream come true. it’s taken so much work. from so many people. what a learning and growing experience it has been for me… and i am sure for all of us.  today me and emily and liz and quincy and capri are going shopping for new clothes to wear to the event. that is the funnest part! basically, i can’t fit into anything- so i have a legitimate reason for buying new clothes! although i hope the new stuff wont’ fit for long.   capri is a month old on monday. the time has flown by, much to my dismay. what a joy she is–word’s can’t express… not only is she just the sweeetest, most happy precious soul… i am so happy to NOT BE PREGNANT anymore. (sigh of relief). chuckle… but i will admit, having a baby…4 weeks before the biggest event of my life- not the smartest thing i have ever done!  but it’s almost here… we are almost ready and it’s going to rock.


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