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and a LINK for MPS dad

and a LINK for MPS dad

registration opened today for Mouse Paper Scissors DAD over at www.jessicasprague.com… check it out! i needed one photo for the project… i needed one of all 3 boys, so i made them do some posing today


nothing fancy-but i kinda think it's crazy how big they are getting. colton finishes 7th grade this week, and Cory will be heading that way in the fall! both of their feet are officially bigger than mine, and growing all the time! Connor idolizes these boys- i try to explain to them the responsibility they have to be a good example to him. I think Connor considers himself the luckiest kid in the world.  he just might be!

this morning i woke up and started working on … not my 'to do list', but my 'over due list'… and i just kept thinking that the house STUNK! i couldn't figure it out- it wasn't the NORMAL smell of stinky boy feet, or food left in the trash inside the house overnight… or even moldy dish rags- i mean i was trying to figure it out for like an hour- so i thought…open some windows and the door, and see if we can air it out a bit… and low and behold, it was WORSE outside… and then it hit me! it's the smell of my new ORGANIC GARDEN!

  Dirt our weekend started out with this "LITTLE" project, and this "little" bag of soil delievered… 5 trips to HOME DEPOT later… and about 10 or so hours of work, and we completed the grow box of my dreams!

Tiller these are all photos i snapped w/ my phone, so forgive… but this is what the area started out looking like!  we first had to kill the grass and till it up. i have never had a garden before… so this is a new thing for me. and i am so excited to have fresh tomatoes and salsa from my own garden!  i was so thankful for everyone's willingness to help me! (the boys loved the power tools).  once we had it all tilled up, we found the thickest heaviest clay, so we had to mix in some sand and mulch. …because the space was on an angle, eric had his work cut out for him leveling the frame…


good thing for his iphone 4: he has a pretty good eye… but he had to be SURE!

the boys got good lessons on: doing it right the first time, not cutting corners, working together, not walking inside with muddy feet, the use of the correct tools for the correct job and cleaning up and putting away. see how important these little family projects are!!

i got some good use out of my mother's day gift from quincy… how cute! i love them..

and here it is all done, and still needing another load of soil… it doesn't look like it took as much work to complete as it did! but i actually think it looks quite fabulous, and i can't wait to get it planted! 

just as we were finishing cleaning up, it started to rain, and rained, and rained… that must have aided in bringing out the 'steer manure' smell that has been filling my house! (and probably my neighbors' homes as well…) they can thank me later when i share fresh zuchini and squash! with all this rain, it won't take long for the lawn to recover (i hope)….

this is just the kind of that i am so grateful to eric for… not only for agreeing to take on this project, but for doing a much better job than i even expected him to do. i love you babe… thanks!



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