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and…i'm off!

and…i'm off!

ok, i’m packed!

getting in all in involved the master packing skills of mr. swapp! there has been a lot of preparation for this show… perhapse the MOST prep ever! the creative process has been easy–mostly because i have been able to see these products in my head for months…i have been imagining how i would use them. it’s been so much fun to make those little dreams into realities! so cute. i banged out quite a few samples featuring the newness:CHA Samples Heidi Swapp Jan 2012and this is the mess i made… it was epic!and now…it’s all clean. all my samples are wrapped up neatly and zipped up in my bags-along with these:i love owning a button maker! it’s just hours of fun! these are for the lovely ladies that will be taking orders in my booth for the show… along with these:these flowers are much larger than they appear! so cute!

the show starts on sunday… between now and then we will be in booth set up zone and making it all look fabulous! i am so excited to see how it comes together…i have some fun surprizes up my sleeve…crazy good! each day i’m making changes to the booth–as well as featuring a different make n take each day as well! so if you will be at the show … please stop by!

hopefully you have been keeping up with the little sneaks! and one of my favorite part of this new line are the bows! you probably already know this about me… i love bows!Heidi Swapp Sugar chic bow tiesthese are nothing short of fabulous! i love them!…well, i was discussing my obession with bows with my Aunt KJ, and she said to me, “i think i know where you get your love of bows” and moments later i rec’d this image in my inbox:this beautiful girl is my Great Grandma when she was 16. i love this so much!

ok, need to get just a little sleep tonight! i am going to TRY to keep my blog updated with insider show stuff…we’ll see how it goes! night, night…zzzzzzzzzz

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