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another easter post!

another easter post!

We had a really fun, busy day. I stayed up waaay too late last night, and had one of those mornings that as I was being not-so-softly woken by my little darlings, I just kept thinking about how COMFORTABLE the bed was, and especially the pillow. It was hard to get up. we did a bunch of running around. Being back, we are playing catch up on everything. The big boys needed new shoes. Eric needed his suit picked up from the dry cleaner. we then went out to check things out at our house…we have had some friends of ours renting the house the last little while, and they were in the process of moving out this weekend. It was a little surreal to walk around our  house as it is all empty at the moment. The thought of the moving process is a little overwhelming to me right now. But then, I walked upstairs and into my scrapbook room…my big magnet calendar on the wall, all my drawers and shelves and the incredible view of the valley from my windows- I have to admit, I felt a little tingle of creative energy. And I can’t help but enjoy the thought of re-organizing, arranging and ‘setting up’ in a more FUNCTIONAL way. Made me want to repaint and everything… I am going to have to shake things up in there. I can’t wait. However, there were A LOT of weeds in the yard, holy smokes… that has to be first order of business.  That will give us a good project for the kids to join in on.

ok, this is a lot of posting of EASTER FUN, but i just don't want to forget any of it!
this evening we were invited to a really fun, totally over the top Easter party put on by Gus and Taryn Schultz. They are good friends to eric’s sister, and they put on this party every easter! Despite the COLD temps (hello, this is AZ people… it was in the 50’s w/ rain…who has long sleeves??) the party was a blast. In addition to an awesome catered dinner, they had 3 huge blow-up climbing/jumping things and a climbing wall. IMG_4600 
alyssa on the climbing wall, and connor loving the bouncy stuff!
IMG_4609 IMG_4651


eric and aaron sporting their 3rd place medals… we are so proud of them!
prepping the kids for the easter egg hunt
cory loved having capri as an excuse to 'hunt' for eggs … i loved it too!
um, scary bunny
best kind of 'surprise' if you ask me… or him!!

left to right… stacy, cassie (my sister-in-law), taryn (hostess-in front), carrie.
They had games like 3-legged races, potato sack races and an egg toss. Eric and Aaron won 3rd place. Then it was time for the egg hunt- it was less like an egg hunt, more like 52 card pickup. If you asked my boys their favorite part, it will be the post-egg-toss: egg THROWING non-official ‘game’.  What a mess they made, and my fear is that Connor will never view eggs the same again!
We really did have a great time!! thanks to Cassie for including us, and to Taryn and Gus for their generosity and tradition! it was so fun to watch all the kids having SUCH a great time.

Ok, 8:30 am church…
Eggs filled and out of sight
Baskets fluffed and hidden
Children bathed
Church clothes laid out, including socks and belts
House picked up
Camera batteries charged
Posted some photo tips from Jefralinn on House of 3…prepared to get great pics tomorrow
Need to clean up the kitchen, cut up fruit for breakfast
Get to BED

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