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appreciation contemplation

appreciation contemplation

Today was ‘appreciation day’ in our household. I have been thinking a lot about things I appreciate…how things are different. It’s kind of shocking how significantly my life has changed! It has given me LOTS to think about.  I was given some advice about moving to a foreign country before we came…I was told not to do the 3 C’s: compare, complain and criticize. I think about that a lot. SO there are just a few on the long list of things that are really different, but I can totally appreciate the differences:

1.    I have a really super small washer and dryer, and for one, I am SO THANKFUL that I have them at all! So, we have to be doing loads of wash all the time. The thing that I appreciate is that the loads are so small, it’s really quick to fold them and put them away.
2.    It’s getting really cold, and I am not really a fan of the cold, nor are we very equipped to deal with the cold until our boat shipment gets here…and when I say it’s cold… I am of course talking from an Arizona perspective…so the reality is,  it’s not THAT cold! Anyway…I am LOVING taking a HOT SHOWER. It feels SO good. I have always loved super hot baths and showers, but that isn’t that fun when it’s super hot like it is in AZ…so I really am appreciating a hot shower.
3.    I have already talked a bit about how the food situation in our life has changed-no fast food…lots of fresh veggies and fruit, this being a full 180 from our life at home: what I can appreciate is that I am fitting in a pair of jeans that I haven’t been able to wear since before Capri!
4.    We are 14 hours ahead of AZ time… and the thing I love, is that I am AHEAD!! SO, if something is due… like Tuesday morning, I get until Wed to complete it! how cool is that?? It’s like an extra day on everything!
5.    Of course, we are missing all our family and friends from back home! It’s just been long enough… to start to feeling that…Like it’s just longer than a vacation! But seriously, we are having SO much doing LIVE VIDEO chatting on-line!  How cool is video chat!? It’s mind blowing that you can sit with a wireless laptop machine, and SEE the person you are talking to, a million miles away FOR FREE!!!! Gasp… this would be a million percent harder with out the video chat. I LOVE it! the kids are talking to their friends, and cousins… I can talk to Emily and Janet for work stuff… and even a few members of our families have got new webcams… holy cow, it’s so awesome. I had to laugh at Colton who was chatting with his friend Brigham, and carrying my computer around outside, showing Brigham the road, and yard and the worms that come out after it rains (this is a new thing as we don’t have rain or worms in AZ).


People in Beijing love babies. Babies of all kinds. But it seems that they love Connor and Capri the most (wink)! Today Eric and I had to go into the city to get health exams for our resident visas. We had to be there by 11, and we got there just in the nick of time. There was a decent line for all the different things, but because we had the baby… our ‘lucky charm’… we were able to skate to the front of the line. No one wanted us to have to wait with the baby. It was so weird. EVERYONE of all ages, made the biggest deal about the baby. We were so glad that we brought him along. And he is just the best smiler! He will pretty much smile a huge grin at anyone that talks to him. So cute. He was breaking hearts all over the place.
I love this photo I snapped the other day of Capri wanting to feed her baby while Kylee was feeding Connor.
I made ‘Shepards Pie’ tonight for dinner… last night was ‘Chicken Pot Pie’…both turned out really yummy if you ask everyone except Colton. I am feeling pretty proud of myself. Thanks to everyone that send me your fav recipies. We are making stroganoff tomorrow.
(wow…planning ahead, what a concept!)
ok, I am super tired.
All that cooking, wearing me out.

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