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are you ready?

are you ready?

maybe you have heard of Rhonna Farrer's "21 day challenge"…

she is getting ready to LEAD or… as i say… 'coach' another  round of her amazing "21-day Challenge"… we have been talking about it for awhile, and i am SO excited that she is all geared up to do it again!

about 3 years ago, I asked Rhonna to teach at Creative Escape- and kick off one of these 21-day Challenges… here's the basics… you need about 21 days to either make or break a habit! it can be anything… something that you physically change or do, to a way that you think!  I have participated with Rhonna twice and both times, emerged stronger and motivated and most of all UPLIFTED! 

This go around is a little different- this time, you can purchase the entire 21 day kit at www.Houseof3.com. when you download the kit- you get the brushes, the Jpg's as well as the 3 pages of PDF printables.  Everything you need to go on this 21-day journey! and it's amazing. just reading the daily quotes and motivators just makes me happy and excited.

i have a tendancy to want to take on TOO MUCH! i can think of like 7 things i want to change and focus on… but Rhonna keeps telling me that i can really only choose ONE thing! i have considered a variety of different things to focus on… and i have it narrowed down to 2.  This round will start on Nov. 5th, and end right around Thanksgiving… Rhonna will be leading on her blog, and i will be joining in the fun as well!

SO here's what you need to do:

1. think about what you want to CHANGE! and be specific!

2. download the 21-day-challenge kit from House of 3.com

3. stay tuned for ideas on how stay motivated and ways to make this change in your life!

i am making a little booklet that i can keep with me in my purse, and have with me all the time. i'll be sharing that later this week… i do hope you will join in! it's only 3 weeks! 21-days… you OWE it to YOURSELF! you are worth it… you deserve it… you can do it! (this is me telling this to myself!) this is something that you can do w/ friends, daughters, sisters, moms… people at work- anyone you know that could really use a lift! use a nudge… it's fun to do with someone else! or … all of us!


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