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august 'Little Black Dress'

august 'Little Black Dress'

As always, feels good to have a show behind me- even if SO
fast approaching is my next big thing: Creative Escape! It will be here before
I know it! I have been in ‘recovery’ mode since I got home- getting things
pulled back together (all the stuff I neglected in preparation for the show)…
tonight was a bit of an indulgence- I took the time to PLAY!

My friends at “Little Black Dress” kit club had sent me
their July and August kit, and I must say, both were just so full of YUMMY fuN!
I have had it all fanned out on my side counter for the last week and ½, just
looking at it’s many different elements and waiting until I could get some time
to – p l a y! ….and to just add to my indulgence… I played around without any
photos! Now, this is really a creativity exercise for me… usually I always
start every project with a photo, and/or story that I want to tell… but
sometimes, even that is too limiting when I just want to play.  I think that thing I love so much about
getting a kit in the mail, is that it pushes you out of your comfort zone-
maybe if you always tend to reach for the same colors, or use the same types of
embellishments- this is a great way to rely on someone else to bring unqiue
things, and colors together for you to just run with it!  I have to hand it to these girls at “Little
Black Dress”… they do a great job- tons of unique little things, great color
combos and very thoughtful clever items that fill each kit.

SO- I am not ready to show the full complete pages- but here
are some little peeks.



I have some fun little ‘discoveries’ I’ll be sharing
next week (will show you how i got those cool dots on the background!)… but I need to snap some photos that will work on these pages.  You can grab a kit HERE and ‘play’
along with me! check out ALL the amazing little details that come in this kit…
totally rocks.


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