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How to Make a Love Letters Mini Album

My oldest daughter Quincy graduated high school  in June, and last spring as she was in that final stretch, and i was having all those "feels" that you have when your kids are getting ready to hit these big milestones that you knew were coming,...

Introducing Minc 5 products by @heidiswapp

Introducing New Minc

New MINC foils, tools, paper, cards , and more shipping to independent and online stores all over the world now! Click here to see all the new products!...

It's a Heidi Holiday Social Media Event | Free Phone Wall Paper | 2018

Welcome to It’s a Heidi Holiday+ Giveaway

Welcome to December and the kick off to my It's a Heidi Holiday Social Media Event! One of our favorite things to do during the holidays is ENGAGE with YOU! We love spending time with you during the holidays whether it is on Instagram, Facebook,...