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happy may day!

today is not only the first day of the week (monday-i love), and not only the first day of the MONTH!! (welcome MAY)it’s also the first day of my 35th year of life. i totally love new beginnings… a chance to let go the old stuff, and look ahead- plan and be excited about the […]

bed time yet?

end of day three: operation morning person. i have had 2 more exceptionally productive and good days. (today, got up at 4:50)… i am only mid-week into my experiment…but so far, i am finding pros and cons. pros: seeing the sunrise quiet morning time increased ‘house-work stuff’ productivity i feel like since i am up, […]

good monday morning!

i woke up at 5:04am. i did set the alarm so that i could snooze once. do real morning people hit snooze? they probably don’t really even need an alarm!  it was dark and cold when i got up… i washed my face with my new anti-aging face system! (i hope that starts working as […]


hasn’t it been just the most stunning thing to watch the competitions this week on tv? i have to admit… i got sucked into american idol this season. i have never watched it before… and i am a junkie… seriously, 6 hours of idol this weeK? it’s a curse to my life! and i can’t […]

turkey eve

although i have kept up with my ‘goal’ of scrapbooking a page a day all week from my recent NYC trip… the stack of photos is not really dwindling! and here is yet another ‘one-photo’ layout- but i like it! i like the unusual color combo: pink, red and split-pea soup green! the green “dotty” […]