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Heidi Swapp Care Free Collection | Mini Card Tag by Jamie Pate

How Would You Use Heidi Swapp Care Free First?

Heidi Swapp Care Free Paper Line is in the house   The anticipated Care Free Collection has hit my porch. And is now scattered all over my work table. This collection is a complete work of  beautiful muted hues, fantastic embellishments, and a celebratory and upbeat vibe. Which...

National Stress Awareness Month & the Heidi Swapp Lightbox

Stress Awareness and the Lightbox

It's National Stress Awareness Month   It's not hard to find an article out there asking the question: how stress can affect creativity. The real question that is asked amongst the Heidi Swapp Media Team is How Can Creativity Affect Stress. Let me take you on a little journey...

Heidi Swapp Lightbox Goes to the Bridal Shower

Lightbox Goes to the Bridal Shower

Styling my daughter's bridal shower with Lightbox greetings     The thing about the Heidi Swapp Lighbox: it can show up to any event in any style and still fit in perfectly. Even on this very distressed, old, wood ladder. I styled this relic for my daughters' bridal...

Heidi Swapp Blush MemoryDex Spinner Comes To the Party by Jamie Pate

Blush MemoryDex Spinner Comes to the Party

Invite the fun and beautiful Blush MemoryDex Spinner to your next party     You've seen the Blush MemoryDex Spinner be the holder of pretty stuff. You've seen the spinner hold memories like a rolodex mini album. Today let's invite the Blush MemoryDex Spinner to the next party....

How To Love Your Patterned Paper Scraps by Jamie Pate

How To Love Your Patterned Paper Scraps

      Inspired by hearts and heart cuts outs, think making those hand cut Valentines back in elementary, a layout was in the works. Here's what I did: I simply went through my collections of Heidi Swapp Pattern Paper. This included Storyline patterns, and Art Walk patterns...