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Baby’s Everyday Stories with Storyline

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Baby’s Everyday Stories with Storyline

Today let’s talk ‘everyday stories’ and ‘everyday photos’.

You know…the ones that don’t at all seem glamorous, or perfect, or monumental in any way shape or form to invest the time and effort into creating a lavish scrapbook page from.  They aren’t the photos of beautiful exotic vacations, birthday celebrations, weddings, or major life milestones.  Yes…those are the stories and photos that I am talking about.

Normal everyday life.

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I often can get caught in this trap.  I have a ton of pictures that for whatever reason do not see the light of day.  They are either blurry, or dark.  The color might be off or the background too distracting.  They just are not that perfect photo I think would be the one to be centre stage on a scrapbook layout. Other times the story behind the photo is not one I initially think  would be something notable or worth writing down.  You know…cause at first thought it is just a photo of the normal routine everyday.  No big deal…right?!?


I have come to realize these are the BIGGEST deals.  The BEST photos.  The BEST memories.  The BEST stories.

Real life.

The real, genuine, honest moments.

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Right now I like to consider myself “in the thick of it”.  My baby is not so much a ‘baby’ anymore.  She is now a full on crawling, moving, teething machine.  I truly forgot how much work babies become once they start to move!  Non stop is the word.  This could also be why lately I am also finding it extremely difficult to get a non blurry photo.  Brynn will not sit still for a second! 😉

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As I was going through the camera roll on my iPhone the other week I was realizing that these random imperfect candid images hold so much of the story that is my life right now.  That I know (with this being my second time around) will feel in the moment like it’s never ending…but the reality is in a blink it will be over and gone and we will be on to the next stage and chapter.  Since Brynn is my last baby I can truly say that I have become hugely hyper sensitive to the passage of time and these stages of baby life.  Now more than ever I am clinging to anything I can to keep these memories and moments alive for as long as possible.

This recent collection of photos hugely represents life for me as we speak.

storyline I @lindsaybateman for @heidiswapp

These stories just have to be told.

The story of my little self feeder who is so proud to sit and explore with new foods and new tastes in pure delight.  Who also gains just as much excitement from then dropping her food all over my floor and having me tell her no (which she also thinks is extremely funny).

The story of my little crawler who decided that not only was it time to learn to crawl, but to also cut two bottom teeth at the EXACT SAME TIME while we were trying to enjoy an overnight stay in a hotel.  Sigh…not one of our better nights.  But this picture of her smiling so big with her bright rosy cheeks at midnight just makes me smile nonetheless.  Innocent babies are just that.  So innocent.

The story of now being able to sit up so strong in the bath tub after watching her older brother all those months.  Having the bath toys all to herself and to be able to splash and play.  Proud happy moment for sure.

The story of afternoon playtime and selfies with mom just cause.  How can I resist?

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Placing these photos into my Storyline album and telling the stories brings me the perspective I need when it can feel like I am barely keeping my head above water some days.  With time rushing by so fast I am eternally grateful to use a scrapbooking system that provides a place for me to capture these moments with little pressure and the greatest of ease.  It does not matter if these pictures are not “picture perfect”.  All that matters is that they are printed and the story is told.

storyline I @lindsaybateman for @heidiswapp

Adding in the Deck of Days cards always serves as a perfect finishing touch.

storyline I @lindsaybateman for @heidiswapp

It is dangerously easy in this season of motherhood to forget all that is happening around me when I feel like I am just living it and facing the endless demands 24/7 .  Taking the time to not only print these photos but to tell these stories reminds me to just stop and breathe.  To take it all in.  One of my favourite quotes states: “everyday may not be good, but there is something good in everyday”.

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I love that Storyline is the place where I can come back to when I need to.

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In a blink it will all be over.

The days of sticky messy floors, 24/7 snack making, story time, bath time, play time etc. etc. will be a distant memory.

My children will be grown as they all do.

Regardless of how overwhelming and ordinary it may seem now… I certainly will miss this.

But I will always have the stories.

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