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Baby’s First Storyline Scrapbook

Baby’s First Storyline Scrapbook

Ever since I had my daughter this past June, I have fallen even more in love with the Storyline system.  The reasons are many, but one in particular is the ease and simplicity that I have found in being able to still complete my scrapbooking pages…especially when I do not have any real free time on my hands anymore 😉 .  Let’s be real…baby #2 has definitely been a game changer in this house, and I salute all of you out there raising even more.

You all are superstars!

So with Christmas just around the corner, gifting on the brain (and babies obviously!), I really could not imagine a more perfect gift idea for the new moms out there who I know have a ton of photos and memories loaded up on their smart phone.  It’s what we do right?!?

storyline for a new mom (2 of 4)

This past year has definitely seen it’s share of blessed baby arrivals…and one of those blessed babies belongs to a very dear friend of mine.

storyline for a new mom (2 of 7)

Her baby boy is truly a dream come true and I could not think of anyone more deserving of the gift of Storyline than her.

storyline for a new mom (1 of 4)

I wrapped up a beautiful Storyline album, the Baby Deck of Days and a Journaling Kit.  I added in a Heidi Swapp card from her Stationery collection along with some gorgeous ribbon and festive decorative touches and it was time to surprise Colleen and her sweet boy Emery.

storyline for a new mom (3 of 7)

Colleen loves to paper craft and scrapbook, but she shared with me she has not “traditionally” scrapbooked in a very long time.  So she was definitely excited to learn more about Storyline and try it out.  I was anxious to see her dig in and create her very first page for Emery’s baby Storyline album.

I loved watching her open her gift and swoon over the Storyline accessories.  With Emery in tow, messy bun on top (cause you know it’s serious when messy buns are involved 😉  and baby Emery snug in his carrier it was time to get to work. Step one…print out some pictures!

storyline for a new mom (1 of 3)

Once she printed her photos directly from her phone it was time to tell his first story.  I think Colleen was amazed at how quickly things seemed to come together.  Adhere photos, choose from the Deck of Days kit and then add in some journaling!  Really…that is it!

storyline for a new mom (2 of 3)

As a final step, add on the date stickers, fill in the “who”, “what” and “when” and voila!  A completed scrapbook page in minutes.  It was so fun to watch her create and work.  I think she was impressed with how simple it was and satisfying.  I know how I feel when I am able to get something done…(it really is a good feeling to get something accomplished especially when time is limited and there is a baby in tow! 😉 ) so I really loved watching her make it happen too!

storyline for a new mom (3 of 3)

storyline for a new mom (4 of 7)

After I left Colleen’s I received this message from her:

storyline for a new mom (5 of 7)

“I really love the simplicity of Storyline.  It is so quick and easy to create a page.  I do not have time to “create and think” of new layouts like with traditional scrapbooking, so this was a surprise on how easy and quick it was to make a page. It was really a lot of fun and I am looking forward to working in my album and telling Emery’s stories of his first year”.

storyline for a new mom (6 of 7)

I cannot wait to see where this year takes Emery either Colleen!  Enjoy your Storyline gift!  I could not be happier for you and your family.  XOXO

Storyline is available now and can be found at Michaels Stores.

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