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back home!

back home!

we made it back home to SLC and were welcomed with rainy, windy weather… and SNOW on the forcast! so grateful for a few days of sunshine, shorts and flip flops!  nonetheless, it's always GOOD to come home.  i was so happy to sleep in my own bed, and get back to some schedule… laundry is in full swing, and i have been taking some quiet moments this morning to plan, re-group and get myself focused on a new week.  i kinda hate it when my monday day is a holiday- seems like i miss out on my p-day! (preparation day)… must be a carry over from my mission- when i was 21 i served a mission in Portugal for the Church of Jesus of Latter-day Saints, and every Monday is called p-day. it's the day that you write letters, grocery shop, wash clothes and even play. i think that must be part of my appreciation of mondays-

anyway… today is really just an 'appreciation' of TECH stuff… day… i wanted to share this- it's a photo that my dad took in Fiji on his mission. one of the meeting houses they were visiting only had 'outside' toilets, and when he went out to use the facilities… this was written on the inside of the door… words to contemplate as you do your business i guess… i have heard this saying before… but it's worth repeating… SO, from an outhouse in the jungles of Fiji… to my blog… enjoy and contemplate these words:


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