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back in az…APRIL 1st

back in az…APRIL 1st

we arrived safe and sound back in AZ…i almost can't believe how smooth everything went from the packing on through the travelling process to arriving and being greeted by Eric's mom, sister, brother and his fam! oh so good to see everyone. once the bags were loaded, we hit 'in and out burger' on the way back to E's mom's house where we'll be staying for a bit. we had all our kids in there at about midnight eating dinner. Cory was so happy to see rootbeer! funny all the things they are remembering, and appreciating.
anyway…we are getting settled in, and i need to get off to bed, but i wanted to be sure to remind you to check out all the NEW goodies at www.houseof3.com for EASTER! and CELEBRATIONS! and Creating!! There is a cutie video by Rhonna on the home page, and through out the next couple weeks until Easter, we'll be sharing some fun creative ideas, and ways to celebrate SPRING and EASTER, and this beautiful time of year. As if you need an excuse to have a party!? what are you waiting for… get planning! Check here to get a freebie (if you are one of the 100 first). and be sure to keep checking back!

Little things

i have so much to share with you about the MOVE and all the AMAZING ways that people helped us out, and blessed our lives completely! I will be posting the ULTIMATE 'How to help out when people MOVE, when they don't know what you can possibly do to help them!"  (coming soon!)  I am so touched, and amazed and thankful to every single person that helped out during this whirlwind process… you know what is the coolest thing?-  everyone gave something special, different and unique that they offer- that was needed, and  blessed us in a complete way. i feel as if i have been lifted, strengthened, supported, encouraged and enabled to undertake this new chapter.. that starts today: APRIL 1st. 2009.
To all of you… from start to finish, morning to night, top to bottom, Beijing to AZ… t h a n k  y o u.
man, it takes a VILLAGE! 

here's to the next chapter!………….

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