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back in the swing!

back in the swing!

ok, now that my bags are unpacked, and the laundry done- house is cleaned up and – oh- well, i need to get to the grocery store, i am feeling the pressure of real life without it skipping a beat!  this morning, we had a catch up "house of 3" meeting, and talked about SO many things- we have lots of exciting and fun opportunities and projects going on… as well as challenges- we always wish that we have more time to do all the cool things and ideas that come up! just seems like there is never enough time!

but- priorities! right! and this week's webshow- we are going to talk about something that i think is a MUST for holiday priorities!… do you know that i am talking about?? you might even dread it…cause usually it means gathering everyone up for a family picture… NOW you know what i am talking about: HOLIDAY GREETING CARDS!  some of us have traditions that the cards seem to follow, some of them are the last minute- print and send… and some take days, even weeks to step by step assemble! and sometimes…it just gets pushed to the back of the list, and sometimes, it even falls off the list! SO, we are going to get you starting thinking about it sooner than later!

don't you LOVE to get christmas cards in the mail? colorful envelopes- in a size that is NOT shaped like a bill or insurance statement!? admit it- you LOVE the ones that have PHOTOS…! and while you like to get a little note, that brings you up to speed on those people that you love, but really this is the only interaction you have in a year- (am i the only one?) really, truly- you just love to see the smiling faces… somehow it connects you, reminds you.. and c'mon, admit it… you LOVE being remembered- and wished a 'happy holidays'… 'merry christmas' ' happy new year' ' etc. etc. etc…'. well, i LOVE it!

i guess i can blame it all on my Grandpa K…"Howdy" as everyone called him… Howard Kasteler. He was quite a passionate artist.  He painted the sidewalk when children were born into the family, and created large wooden scenes that he attached to the roof tops for christmas and other holidays- he was super creative and maybe even a little ahead of his time… here is a photo of him: (so cute)… i love this.

he was a photographer, and illustrator…and a collector. in 1994, for Christmas, not too soon before my Grandma passed, together- with the help of my Aunt, they gave us a book- that contained copies of almost all their family christmas cards from 1945-1982. They were screen printed, and stamped in multiple colors with hand-carved linoleum blocks. Some are simple- some were hand cut, and folded, and created decorative pieces that could sit on a table! i'll even show you a SHINGLE that grandpa silk screened on! ( in 1951, the card grandpa screen printed had to go through the press 9 times to get all the colors he wanted- crazy!!)  my grandma would write the rhymes and grandpa carefully plan the photos and the designs. This book i have- is one of my most treasured possessions- and a very tender connection that i have with my Grandparents, who have now both passed.

This week, i want to share this collection with you, along with a look at the cards i have made for my family through the years- AS WELL, as cards that have been created by Janet, Rhonna, and EVEN Stewart-

This card that i am showing above is one that my Grandpa made in 1953.  in fact, here is his signature on the bacK:


i just have to point out- if you look on the 'ad' above you can see that my grandpa had used an exacto knife to cut the slits for the photo to tuck through… isn't that funny!? maybe some of you have seen me to that on scrapbook pages- i wonder if that is where i got the idea? – i would have loved to watch his process… i just have to share what he said about this card- … in the book that i have, my aunt KJ typed my Grandpa's explaination of each card… i want to share this:

"well, the front cover of the black one, we incorporated into our Christmas decorations for our front entrace and porch. I put it up with fluorescent paint and you couldn't see the image in the day light, and at night we had two light sources so that it showed up one way under a blue light, and then that woudl go off and then the black light would come on. It was full-size, the height of the door and everything. The paint on this 'kard' would show up also under black light. And now let's see, the rest of the tree from the front of the kard was on the inside. Now that was an innovation!"

wow-  i just love that i can hear his voice as i read these words! i love that i get a little insight. so cooL!

I'll be sharing 12 different ideas… from quick and simple to a little more elaborate to get you thinking about your own holiday greeting… whether you are sending out 5 or 150, we'll get you in the mood to create your family Holiday Greetings! to me, this is the funnest party of the holiday season! (wonder where i got that)

i have invited my Aunt KJ to come and share a couple of the most amazing originals, and share a few ideas about archiving some of the cards you RECIEVE!  and i have also invited Chari from Persnickity Prints, and we'll talk about so great ideas for making your own cards…

SO, don't forget… Wednesday night, 8pm Utah time- so… that is like 7pm on the Pacific Coast, and 10pm on the Eastern Coast… if you have never tuned in LIVE, you can do so by clicking HERE! you can join in the chat, or just simply watch and get inspired!

ok, i know… monster long email, but here is layout i did last night from Halloween… i need to scrapbook more, so i don't forget..my memory is SO lazy.

this came together really quick, and i used my favorite photos from Trick or Treating… although, i do wish that i was in the photo…

Spooky i cut the word "spooky" out of the House of 3 collage halloween paper– and that Mr. Peabody is from the Halloween countdown

you can see the tree- from the haunted tree brush set-i printed it on transperancy-i also printed a 5×7 halloween frame on transperancy, and put that over the photo on the right.  the little flags are from THIS KIT, and the "happy halloween" banner, i got this one off the Phantom Halloween Card set

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