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back in time with vintage chic.

back in time with vintage chic.

Ah…vintage pics… we ALL have them! No matter the era, it seems that there are always  funny, memorable clothing styles and décor! I just love looking back through the scrapbooks that my mom created…I love the whole vibe of that OLD style scrapbook/memory album!  (i mean, just look at those AWESOME pants on my aunt! light blue gingham!? and WOWSA, you have to love that orange shag carpet!)  This pic is me on my first birthday… these memories and milestones are a huge part of our history!

I think that I have been intimidated of working with these vintage photos… but now, I find myself taking my photos and using different apps and photo actions to make them LOOK vintage! (raise your hand if you are doing the same!?)

Today’s post offers some ideas for putting these vintage gems onto NEW pages! I just LOVE what Lindsay did with this project…I love how she took an old photo of  her mom and her as a baby, and then also included a current photo. and i love the idea of adding a very heart felt, handwritten note hidden in a mini file folder!   take a look at all the fun details that Lindsay has included on this layout… these photos are so amazing, and it’s so much fun to look back:


Ahhh…the 80’s…what a decade that was!  Not only was it a time of fabulous music, insane fashion and more than memorable hairstyles but it was the decade in which I was born.  April 15, 1982.  I always love looking back in my mother’s photo albums to recount the many memories and moments from this time, but to also have a good laugh at the trends that we all thought were oh so cool back then!

Going through those photo albums a few weeks ago, I came across this photo of my mother and me.  I was instantly inspired to create a layout celebrating this photo and using the Vintage Chic collection to help me do so.  I also felt that this was the perfect opportunity to write my mom a letter, taking a moment to recognize those feelings and thoughts that sometimes do not always get said.

I am very blessed to have a close relationship with my mom.  She has always been there for me and continues to be one of my biggest supporters and cheerleaders.  With that being said, we have also always had our share of differences and tough moments.  Those moments where I am compelled to want to grow and spread my wings while the mother in her wants to hold and protect me from doing so.  We both continue to learn from each other and despite our differences, we share a very special bond.

The Vintage Chic collection by Heidi Swapp is full of some of my all time favourite patterns and colour palettes and is topped off with some of the most versatile and meaningful embellishments one could ever imagine.  I enjoyed every second in creating this layout and it definitely helped when working with such fabulous product!

I chose the Beautiful Songs paper for my background page, rounded the corners, distressed the edges with Walnut Stain Distress Ink and then used my sewing machine to add some basic stitching to the edges.  I then used a Vintage Chic Mini Memory File to act as my matting for my photo.  I did this for two reasons.  One was because I absolutely LOVE this polka-dot mini memory file, and the other was that I wanted to include a letter to my mom which I used the inside of the file for.  That way it is hidden, but also gave me ample space to write out what I wanted to say.  You could also choose to fill that space with extra photos or quotes as well, all the while still keeping the “layout” look.

I added the title “dear mom” to the front of the mini memory file by using the words from the Heidi Swapp Digital Mothers Day kit and my Silhouette Cameo to cut the words out.  I used white cardstock to cut out the words and then misted them with Heidi Swapp Colorshine in Bronzer and Mustard to customize them even further.

I also used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out this gorgeous butterfly design using the vintage chic paper Worldwide and layering the butterflies together.  They are simply the same butterfly just cut out in 2 different sizes.  I further embellished the mini memory file with the Vintage Chic mini tags, a Vintage Chic memory file label and I added a butterfly masking design to the corner using a butterfly Heidi Swapp mask.  I also cut out some border strips with my Silhouette Cameo using Worldwide and added them to the side of the memory file just to add some additional texture and pattern.  I added some stamping using the Heidi Swapp Memory File Collection Acrylic stamp set to the edges for an extra fun detail.

Inside the mini memory file is where I chose to write my letter and also add a current photo of myself and my mom together.  I thought it was a very meaningful and neat touch to the layout…as it not only recognizes just how fast time passes (30 years since I was born), but how we continue to grow as well as the journey that we are on.  The moments and life experiences that we share together in our lives, and those we experience apart.

I added some Heidi Swapp definition sentiment strips and stickers to the inside along with a bit of stamping.

I hope that this layout has left you inspired to dig into your stash of old photos and look back on your memories and has maybe left you wanting to take a moment to scrapbook a few!  The vintage chic collection is beautiful, extremely versatile, and TIMELESS. It looks fabulous with new photos as well as with those from years back.  I also hope that it encourages you to celebrate someone who has impacted your life from when you were small, and maybe now is the perfect time to let them know just how much they mean to you and how they have served to help shape and influence the person that you are today.

AMAZINGLY gorgeous Lindsay!

SO, part of the challenge is accessing your vintage photos- so some work to find out who has them, where they are!  either scan them in, or you could even take photos of the photos!  it’s a great idea to create a digital copy of these photos!  that makes it really easy to share those pictures with all your family members!  ok, find some cool vintage pics and MAKE PRETTY STUFF!! 

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