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back on beijing time (or trying)

back on beijing time (or trying)

So happy to be back ‘home’.  We sort of have to re-define ‘home’. I think that for now it’s where you keep your mattress! I thought it felt SO GOOD to be in my bed! I am not sure if it’s just the most comfortable bed in the world, and the most perfect pillow, or if I was just amazingly  tired, exhausted! Our trip home was really very smooth. I was quite impressed with our troops! It seems that we did a better job of getting through security, and onto the plane. The flight was really empty, so the kids could spread out. they gathered up all the extra blankets and created ‘forts’ over the seats! Don’t you wish you were sitting by us on an international flight? LOL. I am so dumb for not taking photos! it was classic! The kids were great travelers.  It was fun to pile everything back into our Jin Bei and cruise home. I did my best to get as much stuff unpacked. I only have one more bag to get all put away, and it will be done. sometimes I allow the unpacking process to last for weeks! now we are just dealing with the jet lag. I think it’s officially worse coming this way. none of us were able to stay up past 6 or 7, and the kids were all wide awake and ready for the day at 3am yesterday and 4am today. it’s weird to be making breakfast at that hour! I was lucky enough to sneak back to bed for a few hours this morning. I think I am starting to feel like myself. the weather has warmed up here CONSIDERABLY!! It’s been beautiful blue skies, and a balmy 50 degrees. I didn’t exercise once while at home, even though I had totally planned on it! so yesterday Kylee and I put in a mile or two. Felt great to get back out running. Luckily I don’t have a scales, so I don’t know how much weight I gained while I was home. I full-on ate onion rings like 4 times, without the least bit of restraint or guilt.  I figure you have to enjoy it while you can! (ok, maybe I took it to the extreme a bit).  Eating was a high point of being home, and to torture myself, I will list the things I enjoyed most, and will look forward to for next time:

Chips and salsa
Pizza bender
Large diet coke from sonic
Rotisserie chicken and premade salad mixes (esp from Costco)
Onion rings and fry sauce
Sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies and home made rolls from Elizabeth Banks (the friend who brought us texas sheet cake)
Grandma Sycamore white bread
Girl scout cookies
Movie theatre popcorn and raspberry icee

So back to ‘normal’.
I am not sure how my ‘normal’ got so ‘abnormal’, but it is working for us! You gotta go with what works!
Happy to report that Flat Stanley arrived, and we’ll be showing him the town!
Thanks to Mrs. Brown’s class! He says ‘hello’ and is loving Beijing so far!

i got a lot of great photos while we were home… everything from shows, travels, cousins, skateboarding, and just hanging out… i have to share this one…it’s all the cousins on the Swapp side. both sides have 8 grandbabies – we still have the lion’s share with 5! but eric and i are both the oldest in our families… so there is still time for our siblings to catch up! (right guys?) eric’s mom’s favorite color is RED, and she LOVEs hearts. so getting a little valentine shot was high on the pryority list. what you will notice is that we used the same tactic for the babies in both utah and arizona: suckers. see how well that is working? and luckily Susan had red and white ones on hand.  note to self, be sure when you are buying clothes for a family photo, buy suckers to match! Red_and_white

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