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back to real life …. and the canvas corp mix up challenge day 2

back to real life …. and the canvas corp mix up challenge day 2

Back to real life after the holiday, and a week away!  In celebration of a day off school, no rugby or dance, and mom actually ‘in town’, we loaded up our crew and embarked on an impromptu adventure a few hours south/east to Utah’s Arches National park!

What an amazing contrast to the stunning wonders of NYC such as the Statue of Liberty, and Brooklyn Bridge… to the beauty of Southern Utah that is it’s own brand of breathtaking… it’s a wonderful world!  It’s been a little (understatement) crazy lately…but I have a few weeks ahead of me to pull things back together! Along with about a million photos to print! SO many fabulous memories!

As I mentioned yesterday…this week I am lucky enough to join together with Canvas Corp., Tattered Angels, and 7Gypsies in something of a MIX UP! I’ll explain how this worked… I sent some of my fun Color Magic goods, along with a few other items from my new line to CC, TA and 7G and they each selected a designer to represent their company. I then got a yummy box of stuff: canvas and burlap flowers, canvas strips, a canvas envelope and canvas postcards from Canvas Corp; glimmer mist from Tattered Angels and different sizes of envelopes and insert cards from 7Gypsies. I was feeling like a kid in a candy store…I am sure that the other designers could relate!  All week you can visit here on my blog, and I will link you up to projects made from the other designers—and at the end of the week, we have some fabulous giveaways!

Today… I am honored to feature designer Holly Simoni.  She created 2 beautiful projects… one is this AH*mazing Memory File about their newly adopted pup.

There’s that killer canvas flower again (the one that I posted yesterday on my project).  I love the glittery stripes on the cover (yay glam!). Head on over to Holly’s blog post to see MORE images of her fabulous file!!

Holli also created this sweet 8×8 canvas piece especially for one of her most favorite photos of her husband and tiny baby…

here’s what she had to say about her creation:

“This is a photo of my husband Aaron with my daughter Mackenzie when she was just a baby.  It was taken almost 8 years ago.  I love how the black and white tones really capture the look of love he has for his children.  I had this photo on my bookshelf and take it down and look at it often.  This challenge gave me the perfect opportunity to create an 8×8 canvas that would compliment this memory.  It’s so precious to me, and these products were a perfect blend.”

What a great way to take a favorite photo, and transform it into a piece of art or even a sentimental gift (hello, father’s day!) I so loved the envelope inserts from 7 gypsies, and I love how she has it peeking out behind the photo on this project. Combining the banner delights, color magic paper and trimmings look great together and the glittery glam is just the right amount of sparkle! I think this is great inspiration for grads too! It might be fun to make an 8×8 canvas with a cool collage background and Color Magic elements… and adhere a clip on board, so that  your dad OR grad could change out the fav photo!? I am feeling so inspired!!

Beautiful work Holly! Thank you for being willing to play along! YOU do fabulous work! Thanks for making my stuff  look SO good!

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