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back to school and a vacation recap foto-flip book

back to school and a vacation recap foto-flip book

It’s official! Kids went back to school today! I have mixed emotions, but mostly I am ready to be back on some kind of a schedule! Although, I dread mornings! If only school started an hour later or something- that would be better!

I was looking back through photos of the summer, and realizing that we had a FULL and fabulous summer, and did lots of fun things that I want to document!

I thought I would post this adorable little book that Vicki Boutin made using one of my cute little Foto Flip books- this one is the ‘No Limits’ version, and has this super cute big camera on the front. This book is just perfect for capturing a weekend getaway just like Vicki did! They headed off to Chicago for a few days… and I love how simply, yet FABULOUSLY (is that a word) Vicki documents it here…

I always feels like Vicki manages to make her work look effortless, even though she adds so many interesting details… I have worked with Vicki and the girl is QUICK and has FUN in her creative process!  This little book does quite a bit of the work for you-  it comes with 4  4×6 photo sleeves, as well as 4 pre-printed pages that all coordinates perfectly with the No Limits collection!

I like how Vicki added some of her journaling on little strips… that is a fun and easy way to mix it up! I also love that she varied the sizes of the photos that she printed… that makes the book look so custom, and detailed! If you look closely, you can tell which photos she slid into the sleeves, and which pages she mounted photos on… adding the ‘buzz words’ are such a quick way to add a unique touch!

These little mini’s are fun to even let kids complete! Check out the ‘sugar chic’ version as well… once you have completed your foto flipbook, it’s ready to just set it out on a coffee table to enjoy, or I have even added them inside a Memory File like I did HERE!

and HERE is a blog post that shows some ideas for adding the foto flip as well.

Vicki’s stuff just rocks… be sure to check out her blog as well! Thanks for letting me share your mini Vicki!! Xoxo

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