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Hello sweet ones, welcome back!

Today’s post is a true favourite of mine.  I love it because it is totoally doable, a great way to use up paper pad stash AND functional.  How much better does it get than that?  It also involves notebooks which will always and forever be a true love of mine.

Back to school is just around the corner for many….. I know I know…. some are loving this time of year and some just want summer to stay forever ;).

The main question still remains, like every year… just HOW did summer fly by us so fast?

However, the time has come and with that a switch in all the things!  Luckily cute ideas and crafty projects help keep me excited 🙂 .

I am here to showcase just how fun and easy it is to make DIY notebooks.  Whether they are for yourself, the student in your life, or as a cute little teacher gift for a back to school welcome these little beauties are sure to please and assist wherever they may be needed.

Think notes, lists, to-do’s, planner info, study guides, contacts, brain dumps, ideas, goal setting, everyday journals.  They can literally be everything and more under the sun.

Watch my video tutorial below to learn just how quickly these can come together.

I used the Art Walk 6×8 Paper Pad, Art Walk Stickers and just my sewing machine to create custom bound DIY mini notebooks.

The end result is just the best!

With just a few simple steps customized notebooks are in your hands.

I hope you try your hand at whipping a few of these up.  They are so much fun to create and I know you will love them too.

Cheers to a fabulous school year ahead 🙂 .

Supplies: Art Walk 6×8 Paper Pad; Art Walk 6×12 Card Stock Stickers

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