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back to school.

back to school.


Backdon't get me wrong… i am all for kids in school….but i just wasn't readY! none of us were! not the least of all Quincy, who finished school (on a year-round system) on July 1.  (image Jcrew.com)

3 of my 4 'school age children' (capri starts up K this year!) are attending a new school that is 'traditional' and still doesn't start for a month, and Quincy will continue to attend the same school as last year- (blah blah blah not happy about it but oh well, whatever etc etc) ANYway… as it turns out, Quincy will head back to school TODAY. … yea, giving her a grand total of like 3 weeks of summer vacation.  and i am not ok with it.  i love to shop for school supplies along with the best of them! love picking out a brand new outfit for day one! love the anticipation, and that feeling of 'readiness' to go back… but nope, not feeling it. in fact, i am just feeling robbed of my summer. familiy- disrupted. frustrated…irritated. sigh. sorry for the rant.

i am thankful for really great options around us for great schools…since it kinda snuck up on us, i'm feeling like i need to create some crafty back-to-school items to make the abrupt changes A-ok!  so… i have been brainstorming, check back for some ideas that might ease you and yours back into the first day of school… maybe these will help both Quincy and i swallow this bitter pill! 

and as a word of warning… maybe you should double check the school calendar, just to be sure that it doesn't sneak up on you- and if nothing else, that you are reminded to squeeze the MOST out of summer… seems like it's over in a blink (well, for us… it kinda was!)


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