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BBFrosch + Jane & me!!

BBFrosch + Jane & me!!

i can’t even tell you how EXCITED i was when i was invited to be a part of an extraordinary craft night with BBFrosch and Jane.com!


i love a good crafty party anytime!… but the chance to learn how to use the BBFrosch chalk paint? yep… i was in! i have stalked all the cool projects they are always doing… but I had never really had the chance to play! and all i had to do was show up with 11” hello’s!?


BBFrosch is very much a ‘family operation’… if you aren’t following along on instagram… you must go check them out!


the event would be held at the beautiful JANE.com headquarters… i have been lucky enough to attend another event there, and i can just tell you – it’s amazing! just beautiful! and they love to host events, and be social! when i arrived, everything had been set up and ready to go!


there is just something about craft kits! i love all of the supplies all laid out ready and waiting!


there was a lovely group of women who had been invited to come that night – only a few of which i knew, so it was fun to meet new people and learn about them and what they do! it was really interesting to connect with the BBFrosch family as well as those guests attending!


i was telling my good friend, Heidi Lowen, owner of Littlefield Lane – the company that i have collaborated with to create some beautiful charms… and she offered to prepare a little gift for each of the attendees! just look how GORGEOUS this “shine” bracelet looks in their glass viles ! it was so fun to be able to spoil those who were there! So thanks Heidi! that was awesome! you can clickHERE to shop for these gorgeous charms!


the plan was to create a 12” framed wooden wall hanging with my word “hello” inside.


the BBFrosch team had the backer boards all prepped and ready to go. they were made using paint stir sticks (how clever is that?)


then once the pieces were all painted and waxed, they would be nailed together right there on the spot and we would be leaving with completed projects! YES for something DONE and ready to hang!


we first learned a little bit about the products and how to use them. can i just say how BEAUTIFUL their packaging and marketing is? it’s just so easy on the eyes!  i didn’t know that you can add the BBFrosch chalk powder to ANY paint and transform it into a “chalk paint”… so there is no specific color palette … you can use your favorite type of paint!


the chalk powder additive means that you can paint anything without having to sand or strip the exisiting paint surface. i repeat: you can just paint right over it! how awesome is that!? i have even seen fabric chairs painted with BBFrosch chalk paint!


we learned 2 different techniques. the first was a “faux stain” technique where we used the paint diluted with water to prep the backer.


once that was dry we added a wax to seal the surface. it’s seriously very easy!

next there were a few different colors of the chalk paint that we could paint the sides and the HELLO. It was so fun to see all of the different combinations! they all looked amazing!  i was amazed and inspired by how easy it was! this was how mine turned out! i LOVE it!


now i just have to figure out what my next project will be! i can’t wait to try. SO many thanks to the folks at Jane and everyone at BBFrosch for including me in this awesome event! i loved every second of it! had the best time! i say this every time, but i continue to be so grateful there are wonderful people in this world the LOVE to organize and plan these kinds of events that bring people together to MAKE PRETTY STUFF! so worth it! so much fun! so bucket-filling!



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