Heidi Swapp | beach taco shop
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beach taco shop

i have to share these photos… this was so fuN! we left the perfect ‘resort life’ and headed out in search of a surf spot on the pacific side… it was up toward todos santos. k, so we rented a suburban and we weren’t really sure where we were going — so we found this beach … and drove about a mile off the main road on a really bad dirt road. tons of people were camped out and stuff. totally die hard surfer folk. so there was this little trailer converted into a surf shop, you can rent surf boards. Surf_shop
totally rad…
but i have to say… the highpoint of the day was the little AUTHENTIC taco shop… since of course, food is the center of my life! the guy that is the manager of the surf shop said that there was this hut that opened up around 2pm and has cold drinks, tacos, quesadillas. it looked a little sketch… you know, like bad enough that you KNOW it’s going to taste SO good!
they had beef, fish and shrimp…. (i hate seafood) and they were only 10pesos (about a buck each)…
i wonder how many we all ate… a lot!


it was awesome! so fun, i got great pix… i can’t wait to scrapbook!
i am home… back into reality! i came home to protoypes for the show and copies of the new catalog… looks awesome! getting excited for CHA… still lots to do!
i need to focus on work…
happy to be home!
thanks mom and dad! we had a wonderful time! great memories!