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beautiful free internet!

beautiful free internet!

I will never again take FREE INTERNET for granted! NEVER! After paying about .75$ per minute on board ‘freedom’… (no one wants to be free from internet!)… I am loving having free internet at the airport. I am on my way to SLC via Atlanta, and just got on eric’s facebook to see what they have been up to.. check out these great photos. There is  lake downtown- called Houhai…..and it’s been so cold that it’s frozen and they do these chair and bike skates! They had a blast… I am so thankful for Eric, and everyone jumping in to help him out in Beijing! Thanks everyone… I miss you.
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and for my own personal entertainment, i picked up this fun book:
Isaac Mizrahi 'how to have style'… Video Snapshot-1
(view image in the mirror! oops)
ok, here's to a smooth flight.

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