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I feel so much better today! i guess that you really can’t  underestimate the  power of good sleep. I slept so soundly last night, that I was informed this morning, I didn’t even budge when Connor woke up. (apparently everyone noticed that! LOL!) I woke up this morning…made breakfast, answered a few emails, did a few check-list items, and then went back to sleep for 4 or 5 hours! I woke up feeling like a totally new person! I celebrated by making a batch of choc. Chip cookies and dipping them in hot choc. Perfect. I made meatloaf for dinner tonight, and it tasted so good. I am sure it’s a total ‘comfort food’ thing. but Capri loved it, and I was pleased how much ‘protein’ she ate! It’s funny how happy it makes you when your kids eat healthy food. My MIL gave me that book by Jessica Seinfeld about hiding healthy stuff in food that your kids will eat! I have read a bunch of the recipes, and they sounds really good. I must try that. So now it’s 1am, and I am not the slightest bit tired…I have been joking about switching to US time now so that the jet-lag won’t be such a problem. But I think that I will go to bed, as not to thwart my recovery mode!

Blending_inhere is an example of some ‘playing’ i did the other day. eric took these photos… it was fun to do some sight seeing during our anniversary.. just the two of us.

you know, i am totally a late-night scrapper… and where i scrapbook now, the lighting is TERRIBLE. in fact, i find myself carrying stuff into the kitchen or the bathroom to hold up closer by light-fixtures to try to tell if the colors ‘go’… well, a long time ago.. the folks at ‘OTT-LITE’ sent me one of their floor lamps (it also has an adapter so you can mount it on a desk or table). i had totally forgotten that eric threw it  in with our  boat shipment, but it was stashed in the garage in a box and i hadn’t thought to get it out. i was complaining tonight as i was trying to pick pantone colors for some papers that i am working on, and grumbling that i have to wait until morning etc. and next thing i know, in he walks with this fabulous ‘true color’ floor lamp. can i just tell you … I AM IN HEAVEN!!!! it’s like the biggest world of difference! how did i ever function with out it! now i am scared that the light bulb will totally burn out and i will be devastated!  in any event… if you are one that burns the ‘midnight oil’ as i am sure many of us scrapbookers do… check into this light! it says it is the same light as ‘natural daylight’… i even did a little photo-test w/ it, and i am so mad that it’s taken me so long to get it out and use it. i am so thrilled!  and it’s totally positionable, so i can move it and adjust it for where i am. i like to stand up, and it’s just perfect.  (little squeal of joy!)

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