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black friday

black friday

we had SUCH a lovely, wonderful, happy, delightful Thanksgiving day! complete with all the family favorites cooked to absolute perfection, as well as our fair share of thanksgiving craftiness to adorn our table! i snapped a few photos, but am just feeling too lazy to download them, so hopefully you can count on some more sharing from me later in the weekend. 

the festitivies went from food–to the movie theatre–to dessert–to newpaper ads for black friday specials! (insert holiday anxiety!) phew…are you ready for this? we drove home and the Wal-Mart parking lot was ridiculous! not hitting the 'doorbusters' tonight- i have this twinge of a sinus infection that i am using as an excuse!

alas, i am having NO PROBLEM sitting by the fire with my trusty (yet somewhat archaic) MacBook Pro on my lap doing some surfing, shopping and cyber door busting of my own!  With the holidays, brings holiday get-t0gethers… and the need for festive flower pins! be it for the hair or the overcoat… they just make everything feel more festive and fabulous!  this year, we are offering 40% of everything on the Blossom Couture Site…so head over and grab one or 2 in your favorite colors, and pick some up for gifts as well! these make wonderful hostess and teacher gifts, as well as looking beautiful on the tops of holiday packages… the code is simply: BLACKFRIDAY2011 and the offer is good through Next Thursday Dec. 1.


another really amazing gift for scrapbookers, photographers… friends, sisters and women alike is a comfy camera strap… City Straps is also having a 40% off their shop through Dec. 1st with the SAME code: BLACKFRIDAY2011

here is a peek at a few of their styles to choose from… 40% off is an AMAZING deal… i like to change my strap out a couple times a year, as it just seems to bore me after awhile! they are washable, and they get SO dirty. Wash them, and good as new! you would be amazed at how much nicer it is to carry a camera around your neck with one of these straps on! they are fully padded, and slide right onto your existing camera strap. These are just a few… go directly to their site to check them out!  they are regularly around $30, so this is an awesome price, and a great time to pick one up as a gift (but you might want to add one on for you, and slip it under the tree…..or put an "open christmas eve" tag on it! you can put it to good use on Christmas morning…)


as i mentioned, i am taking Maggie Holmes' new December Daily Photography class, and i decided to treat myself to a NEW camera strap for the holidays!  after much deliberation, i settled on the Grey Dot with Red Ruffle, to keep me motivated for taking great photos! 

again, both codes are: BLACKFRIDAY2011 

sale ends Dec. 1st 2011

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