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black & white with pops of neon — or vice versa!

black & white with pops of neon — or vice versa!

It’s no secret that I love me some black and white! Give it to me in polk-a-dots, or scallops, stripes or even chevrons…it’s timeless, mixes with any color, and adds such a touch of chic to anything!

looks to me like Jennifer Evans couldn’t agree more, as she shares this modern chic black and white layout with just a perfect dose of yellow! She plucked all things black and white from the line to create this stunner!

must say… a little NEON with black and white pretty much ROCKS!  Just sayin…

I did get a chuckle out of what she had to say…

I usually use my photo as inspiration for picking my paper for my layouts. Not this time. I have to be honest and say all I wanted to do is use Windex on my layout. Ha! After seeing Heidi’s tutorial using window cleaner on her Color Magic papers, I had to try it. After doing it the first time, I wanted to Windex everything! I can’t help but think of Gus Portokalos in the movie Me and My Big Fat Greek Wedding, when anyone has an ailment, “Put Windex on it.”

Spraying the resist off with Windex made the color in this layout POP! I loved it so much that I wanted to keep the monochromatic look, so I picked this black and white photo and used all the modern chic black and white embellishments that Heidi designed.

If you missed it, Jennifer created the cutest video mixing Color Magic and lots of my dayglow bits and pieces!  (and a quick tutorial on windex)…This is the layout she creates in the tutorial —

Visit Jennifer’s blog here for more pix of her “fun in the sun” layout and to watch the video! thanks Jennifer!

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