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black & white

black & white

I am addicted to black and white.
I have only made 2 purchases in all my wanderings, as I have been getting my bearings… trying to figure out where I can get what, and what I can find where…but I did buy a super-fabulous black and white coat, and well, you already saw the b&w fabrics I bought for making pillow covers for our family room couch.  (the DEC. Club Heidi kit could NOT be MORE right up my alley)!  Anyway… just had to share, for the benefit of my mom, oh-and you cha-girl… ‘see, I can sew on fabric!” … they turned out really cute, and are much more comfortable to lay on!



Img_9248Saturday we woke up to a beautiful, clear day and we were delighted, because we had made arrangements to head up to the wall. Since the JINBEI is out of commission, we hired a 14-passenger van and ‘happy charlie’- an English speaking driver!… to take us around for the day. we had a blast. we went to the same part of the wall that we have been to before, but checked out a different part. Of course, it was emily’s first time…and she was amazed! It’s  so  awesome… (despite the cold). We also ventured to the Ming Tomb, it’s one of 13 tombs of emperors in the Ming Dynasty-the only one open to visitors. It’s   pretty amazing. it was really interesting to learn more about the way they lived, and died. Even the kids were fascinated to see how the bodies were put to rest, and the tombs secretly hidden… ‘just like in the movies!’. I guess it didn’t occur to them that the movies are just like what happened in history! They were intrigued especially by the whole buried treasure aspect. Our drive home was particularly long, due to traffic, but we sang Christmas carols of all things to pass the time! and you know… I kind of liked it! Img_1653_2

Eric and I have been called to be the activity co-chairs of the Beijing branch…the first order of business is the Christmas party… so I have been brainstorming… it’s going to be fun.

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