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Happy Thanksgiving…I LOVE Thanksgiving.

I love the TREKS that people make across hundreds of miles
to be with family…

I love the traditional menus, and dishes that we only
splurge on once a year.

I love the EMPHASIS- I love that EVERYONE takes the time off
to celebrate.

I love that we’ll be in sunny AZ this year!


I have so much to be thankful for.  I have spent the last couple of weeks contemplating the last
year of my life. I have scrolled through the photos on my computer, the various
SB pages and mini-books and even read through my journals and blog…whew. What a
year it’s been. And as it’s coming to a close, I have been pondering a lot on
the lessons I have learned and the blessings I have been given. My heart is so
full.  It’s overwhelming.

i can’t even express in  words my feeling about the journey of the past year, and my


It was a year ago, 
right now that Rhonna, Janet, Stewart (technical guru) and I started
meeting talking and planning and contemplating what we wanted to do with ‘House
of 3’
…and what an adventure it has been! And this is JUST the beginning! Last
week, I only had a few minutes in between some VERYcrazy comings and goings…
but took a few minutes to create 2 little books…


The first book was SUPER quick…I took one of my fav 5×7
mirror albums, and then I used the gratitude cards that Rhonna created, and cut
them apart so they were 5×7 pages for the book.


Those cards are seriously one
of my most favorite kits so far (with the CUTE new retro girl silhouette from
the Christmas stuff being a VERYclose second). I LOVE LOVE this yellow dot
paper. I just did a bunch of texture stamping on the edges. That freaky COOL
floral embellishment I picked up at By Design Scrapbook Boutique in Houston, TX
when I was there last month. She has a whole bunch of these amazing little
things. I just punched the holes w/ my crop-o-dile. This is ready to ‘just add



The Second book was super quick too…I used my zutter. Dang,
what did I do without this fabulous tool!? and if you don’t have one…you need
one!! –and if you are one of the people who HAVE one but you have never USED
it… HELLO!!!! Figure it out. it’s not that hard.. it’s the best.


Ok, so the cover is made from one of the Gratitude
backgrounds from this kit. HERE are all the gratitude kits.

Let me tell you a little tip for using the house of 3 stuff

you download the files from the House of 3 site… save them to a jump drive and
take it to your closest copy shop, and have them printed out on white
cardstock. The quality is CRISP and fabulous on a pro laser printer! I love
it.  I like to purchase a ream of
my own white cardstock from the office supply store, and I like to provide the
paper for them to copy on… I find that it’s a cheaper that way.  I do the same thing for the
transparencies. You can really bring anything for them to copy on… look through
your stash, you’ll find some cool backgrounds to copy and print on.

used the ‘elements’ sheet (see above)  to create some bits and pieces that I bound into my
book individually… if you look on this 8×11 sheet, at the top you can see the
‘blessed beyond measure’ piece with the ledger paper. I used that for my cover,
and added a little mirror bird. I popped it up w/ a scrap of chipboard, added a
bit of texture stamping and a scrap of ribbon. That cool strip of trim that I used
on the right hand edge is from a kit that I got from the By Design  Scrapbook Boutique—a few months ago,
they launched a kit club, and I have to say, it’s one of the most fab little
mix of unique bits and pieces. Tracey Keith and her team find some of the
coolest stuff… while I was there they just kept pulling out little
surprises!! I added this trim using double sided tape, worked like a charm.

created a few more fun dimensional elements for the inside of the book. Using
the place card kit, I basically combined 2 of the cards to make one. I cut the
circle out of one, popped it up and positioned it over the second piece. I
added some stickles and bling to complete and then bound them right into the
book binding. I love how they turned out!



I have been busy crafting with all my NEW Holiday files from House of 3
have you heard about our big SALE that we are having on BLACK FRIDAY??  You won’t want to miss it. it’s one day only… so
start getting your wish list ready!!



Wishing you and yours the most fabulous, warm Thanksgiving-
surrounded with the people you love and yummy food!! And if you are somewhere
else in the world… enjoy a day of thanks and eat something with lots of butter
in it!! take some time to count your blessings.


ps… have you seen THIS?? we are so excited… Rhonna just posted these super cute designs!! LOVE LOVE… do you have silhouette??

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