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Have you ever gone on vacation- and painted your nails before you left, and during the whole time you are gone, they look great- and maybe you think to yourself… ‘why don’t I paint my nails more often?’… then, you get home. And that night, after you have done the dishes twice, bathed 3 kids and put everything away, you look at your TRASHED fingernails and REMEMBER why you only use a clear coat on the weekends…sigh!

I have been in Hong Kong and southern China for the past 5 days. Which means I have been a total blog slacker…among other things, but wow… what a great trip! Right before  I left, we did squeeze in a little Halloween celebrating for posterity. And the efforts were quite lame-and so therefore, had to just make the photo look cool! (wink) my 11 year-old, already won’t dress up! And Capri was in absolute revolt as well! Note to self: she thinks she is a fairy princess… dress her up as one!! Not a teddy bear. Humph.

I met Eric in Hong Kong, and we took the weekend to just get away. He had been traveling for a few days already, and I had some excuses to go down south. I was walking through the subway in Hong Kong and realized how freaky it is that I was in Hong Kong, and it wasn’t that far from home. Seriously… I have these moments every once in a while where I realize- this is my LIFE!? Hong Kong is amazing. And while I think that ANYONE that visits there would agree…after being in China for awhile, you really appreciate some of the little things that work in Hong Kong.  You can’t believe how many people there are. It’s massively populated. Yet, there seems to be an order there, that you don’t find so much here. The subway/bus system is so awesome-so user friendly. The streets are just sensory overload, in every way possible. There is far more English spoken there, and the money is so pretty! You just don’t want to spend it! however…
I kind of blew my ‘make do’ motto-and had a bit of a shopping spree at H and M!  it’s been a long time since I bought anything new, and I am still wearing pre-capri/post-connor quasi-maternity-out-of-it clothes. I got a couple shirts that seem ‘HIP’, and funky fun…and daily casual. Wow—doesn’t it feel so good to buy something new? and hey, I painted my own nails! (wink). 

Despite the crazyness of a trip in HK and southern china, I think that I caught up on my sleep, had some time to think, ponder and set goals…regroup! And I am ready to swing back into action. I think that I will go to bed early and hit the ground running tomorrow morning.


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