Heidi Swapp | bliss!
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well, i took a few more photos today… i got some really beautiful shots… not too hard to do around here. seriously, this resort life rocks… i sat here on the edge of this cliff all day… on the beach chairs and then in the afternoon we napped in this little sun-bed thing that is up on the cliff as well, overlooking the ocean. truly spectacular. Ocean_view_1
it’s so rare for me to sit and read… it just doesn’t happen! and that is all i did today! READ. i have been reading “the Broker” by grisham and “if life were easy it wouldn’t be hard” by sheri dew… (i got it for christmas… i am a big fan of sheri dew) it’s been absolutely wonderful! its’ a little coldish… and quite windy. but even a cold, blustery day here beats reality!
if you sit by the pool… it’s protected by the wind, so you are sweating!
we ate more mexican food tonight at a restaurant called ‘Mi Casa’… more fantastic guac.
i don’t know that i really ‘deserve’ this … but we are having a great time!