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Heidi Swapp

you need this cookbook!!

Cory had a great birthday! 10. Wow. We open presents in the morning, before school… as if our mornings aren’t chaotic enough! Chuckle. All Cory wanted was an ‘airsoft’ gun, or money, so he could buy an ‘airsoft’ gun. So, just to give him...


get creative! WIN!

I am sorry to report that after church, by the time we got home, and I was wanting to take photos, at exactly NOON…I was not the only one that was totally OUT of patience. Not very many cute shots. Of course, I am sorry...


another easter post!

We had a really fun, busy day. I stayed up waaay too late last night, and had one of those mornings that as I was being not-so-softly woken by my little darlings, I just kept thinking about how COMFORTABLE the bed was, and especially the...



Well, our celebrations have been well underway! It’s hard to have this much fun. Thursday afternoon, we were invited to an Easter ‘cookie decorating party’… my friend Liz invited me, realizing that I needed to start getting reacquainted with everyone around here (no nice)....


happy birthday DAD!!

Today is my dad’s birthday… I so am wishing that I could be there with him today to celebrate! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!! Even though AZ is closer than Beijing… it’s still not cake and icecream close! My dad is a CPA, and has his practice...


april 7th??

I am soaking in a little ‘silence’. I think it’s almost 2am, which means that any moment, my kids will start waking up and coming out here to find me… and yes, I should have promptly gone to bed when I had them all down,...