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Heidi Swapp

happy birthday DAD!!

Today is my dad’s birthday… I so am wishing that I could be there with him today to celebrate! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!! Even though AZ is closer than Beijing… it’s still not cake and icecream close! My dad is a CPA, and has his practice...


april 7th??

I am soaking in a little ‘silence’. I think it’s almost 2am, which means that any moment, my kids will start waking up and coming out here to find me… and yes, I should have promptly gone to bed when I had them all down,...


happenin' friday night!

i can barely keep my eyes open.. and the 'little ones' are both sleeping for the next few hours (their equivalent of an afternoon nap), so really i should be taking advantage, but i am just so grateful for a little solace that i can't...


but it's the middle of the night!!

Time stamp: 2am.Watching ‘Kim Possible’ on Disney Channel Quincy and Connor: eating cold cerealCapri: playing with Grammy’s toysCory: chillin’ on the couchMe: eyes are burning.. wish I could go to sleep…Sigh, the joys of jet lag. First things first.. When we arrived last night, as...


ready for monday.

Today was our last Sunday in Beijing… Eric spoke last week, and I was asked to speak today. It was a little bit hard to get through, but I was so thankful for the chance to share my thoughts and feelings…I think that the best...


goodbye Daystar…

Just wanted to quickly share a few photos from the kid’s last of school… Jodi and I went in for a few hours… goodbye parties, lunch, and some performances in Colton and Cory’s class. Quite frankly, it was a bit heart breaking… the kids have...