Heidi Swapp

happy NSD!

Good morning… and it’s a beautiful one here in AZ! My house is quiet for now… (I love that)…the kids just schooched out the door to  school in the nick of time, and since Capri was up for about 2 hours from 2-4am, she is...



So, this is what 35 looks like on me! Today is my birthday! April 30… I think it’s a good day! and even a Monday this year! so it’s extra nice… my house is getting cleaned at the moment… and what could be better than...


fun stuff…

We have had such a fun-filled weekend! So lucky that my sister Katie and her 1yr old baby Aspen could come and play for a few days! It’s been quite a full visit… we have done a little shopping at the mall and even Ikea…...


morning already???

this morning was one of those that when i was being jarred awake by my human alarm clock (COLTON), at promptly 6:45am, i honestly COULDN'T believe it was ALREADY morning. and i didn't even stay up late! i am still not feeling it this morning!...


last week of apriL!

Wow… I have been an exceptionally bad blogger… especially if you consider all the stuff that has been going on! There is a quote in the ‘she’ book (by kobi yamada- www.compendiuminc.com) that says ‘she realized that she was missing a great deal by being...


happy birthday CORY

Happy birthday to CORY!!!Eight  years ago… smile… what a great kid he is! and eight years old is a big year! so i wanted to make sure that this year, this party would be one that he would always remember! we started talking about...



i have to talk about my cutest cousin! (this gorgeous girl)  And I have to ASK you to help for her!!!Ok… so Kristy Glass is my cousin.   But because of divorce and all that kind of thing, we haven’t had any contact until just the...


easter eve

Went out to our 2nd favorite thai restaurant tonight… so yummy! What a nice treat. I lined up a babysitter for tonight like on wed… so I have been looking forward to a night out with eric all week! This week has been all about...


post-3-days of disney

It’s sat. night… about 9PM and me and the girls are back in the hotel room, while the boys are going out to finish the last batch of ‘fast passes’ for calif. Screamin’… LOL… and I am HAPPY to be back in the room. Ok,...


disney… here we come!

Whoever invented ‘otter pops’ is so cool. Dang… they are tasting so good to me right now. And I kind of feel like not very many things taste really good!  Everything is just kind of  blah.  So yay for ‘poncho punch!’.. So life is good…...