Heidi Swapp

disney… here we come!

Whoever invented ‘otter pops’ is so cool. Dang… they are tasting so good to me right now. And I kind of feel like not very many things taste really good!  Everything is just kind of  blah.  So yay for ‘poncho punch!’.. So life is good…...


good news!!

Good news! (warning… long post!)  I finally have links to 2 EXCLUSIVE (limited qty) kits that I have personally put together! I know that sometimes it’s hard to find mass-amounts of my products, so I thought it would be fun to gather a few items...


good stuff.

It’s a stunningly beautiful day here… there are even big poofy clouds, which is rare for our az sky! I am working today in my studio with the doors open and a very nice, pleasant breeze blowing in… I have a couple more hours before...


happy st. patricks!

It’s only about 10:30pm and everyone is asleep… I am watching a re-run of ‘TOP DESIGN’ and eating a little dove choc. and drinking a little diet coke. What a day! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! What a funny, quirky holiday! I made a cute little...


spring break

It’s spring break for my kids… It’s funny what “spring break” means at different seasons of your life! LOL. When you are young… in school, it’s the best week of your life… sun is out, everyone is out of school… such a perfect time for...



So this Saturday (the 17th) I will be hanging out at the Glendale, AZ Recollections to help BARBARA BLANK spend the $500 she just won, along with another $500 of Cropper Hopper stuff… she is being flown in from Dallas to play here in sunny...



Yesterday we spent all day in a creative escape meeting, finalizing all the projects for the classes, and sorting out  various details… so my scrapbook time was seriously compromised! So I had no choice but to stay up late to scrapbook! I do enjoy scrapbooking...


quincy's birthday parties!

So in my opinion, there are 2 kinds of scrapbooking… There is the kind that is to inspire and impress… and for ‘show’… the ones that you want to dial it up a bit… try something new, incorporate cool techniques and freshies… Then… there is...


time to scrapbook!

Time flies…I know I talk about this all the time, but it’s so amazing… I have indulged myself, and for the last 2 nights, slowly scrolled through all my digital photo files. The truth is that I need to be archiving and saving photos to...