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Heidi Swapp

against COLD

Maybe I have been overwhelmed with my life… I am not really sure! This holiday season stuff really freaks me out. but I can’t believe that it’s been more than a week since I blogged. Where have I been? What have I been doing? All...


i {heart} mondays

There is something so comfortable and low maintenance about making breakfast for dinner.  It sounded good tonight… and since I hadn’t committed to a grocery store run since well before thanksgiving… I grabbed eggs and OJ and did the whole breakfast spread tonight for dinner:...


back to work

Back to work. LOVED my 4 days of off-ness. LOVED it.  I was the ultimate lazy. I didn’t do anything that I really had planned to do. and you know what, I am ok with that. I went to bed early and I was calm...


friday night

This week flew by! And next week is thanksgiving. Hello- that is a SCARY thought! Not only because it’s inching closer and closer to Christmas, and Christmas stresses me out. but because I have a lot of really serious deadlines. By that I mean, I...


just stuff.

I can’t believe it’s already wed. I mean, seriously, I blinked. Last night we did our last store visit of the year. We were at this cutest store called “Lucky 15”. It really is a find. Meghan, the owner has a real flare…and she...


time for bed.

It’s almost 10pm on Friday night and I am forcing myself to stay up just a little longer. My eyelids are SO heavy and my eyes are very tired. It’s been quite the intense few days. Creative-intense… the best kind. We were seriously productive finishing...


it's a disaster in here…

Ok, going through all the Halloween photos was SOOOO funny! I mean, when we did the summer (water) photo contest… the photos were cute and it was fun to look at, but these were so FUNNY! It was a blast to see them. there are...


Blessing day

Today is one of those days that you hope you always remember… cause it’s one of the significant events- that you celebrate with family. We blessed Capri today. fOr those of you wondering what that means, in my faith (The Church of Jesus Christ of...