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Heidi Swapp

summer hair

sn’t it funny how it just seems like such a pain to actually do your hair in the summer? Maybe it’s the fact that you don’t really have to get ‘ready’ for the day, in case you end up in the pool, or just lounging...


dynasty iron doors…

Usually, when you are in the business of something, you are the last one to benefit from the products or services you are involved with… like if you are married to a plumber, usually… you live with drips. Or if you are a home builder,...


Welcome summer!

In celebration… I decided to create this very functional and FUN centerpiece for the island in my kitchen. I saw something similar to this in the Rachael Ray magazine this month… I don’t normally look at this mag as cooking isn’t my thing (see last...


dream dinners

I knew that may would melt away as it has been PACKED full of stuff… wondering if I have ever crammed so much into one small month! even still, these last few lingering days have so much going on.  my head is spinning! We had...


quite the Q weekend

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mom’s out there! It’s been a good day today! Not because there were any amazing gifts, or meals or flowers or anything like that… but just because it’s a sweet day to recognize women…as mothers… and be given an...


welcome home 'e'

My house is so clean… it’s so awesome!I spent my morning actually putting stuff away! I am totally a ‘stasher’… I mean, I don’t like messes, but I am also not very “organized”, so usually if I am cleaning up, I am just re allocating...


happy NSD!

Good morning… and it’s a beautiful one here in AZ! My house is quiet for now… (I love that)…the kids just schooched out the door to  school in the nick of time, and since Capri was up for about 2 hours from 2-4am, she is...



So, this is what 35 looks like on me! Today is my birthday! April 30… I think it’s a good day! and even a Monday this year! so it’s extra nice… my house is getting cleaned at the moment… and what could be better than...


fun stuff…

We have had such a fun-filled weekend! So lucky that my sister Katie and her 1yr old baby Aspen could come and play for a few days! It’s been quite a full visit… we have done a little shopping at the mall and even Ikea…...