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Heidi Swapp

be quiet!

It’s quiet again in my house.I am loving the silence. Needing the silence. It’s causing me to think about silence… I am not your typical silent-lover traditionally! Usually, if you get in the car after I have gone somewhere alone, the stereo is cranked.  And...


my pink fridge!

The kids just left for school… Capri is still sleeping, and the house is totally quiet except for the hum of the washer and the dishwasher. I love Monday mornings. My cleaning lady hasn’t come for 2 weeks, I guess 3 now actually since the...


happy new year

Happy NEW year… I love it… love it love it… I think it’s like the ultimate MONDAY! And, you know that I love Mondays… last night we got back in town close to midnight, and I didn’t even stay awake long enough to ring in the...


Christmas in NYC

Guess how late we just slept in until? Noon. Eric and I are in NYC celebrating our anniversary and e’s birthday… and we got a great deal on a room at my FAVORITE hotel… the Westin! And the Heavenly bed, and hence the reason...


monday night…

Without a doubt, my FAVORITE thing about Christmas is Christmas Cards.  I have always loved making them… but I definitley love getting them. I have received quite a few, and I put them all up on my magnet board and I leave them up forever....



Seriously… yesterday I got the biggest TREAT!! Emily and I drove about 2 hours north to Prescott, AZ and spent the day with Tim Holtz… we have been trying to get together for like 2 years now… I am always complaining to him that I...


sunny AZ!

72 degrees never felt so great to me as walking off the plane in my own hometown after a little visit to -18 Minneapolis. I have to say, AZ rocks this time of year…it’s gorgeous! For those of you who guessed the ONE and ONLY...


against COLD

Maybe I have been overwhelmed with my life… I am not really sure! This holiday season stuff really freaks me out. but I can’t believe that it’s been more than a week since I blogged. Where have I been? What have I been doing? All...


i {heart} mondays

There is something so comfortable and low maintenance about making breakfast for dinner.  It sounded good tonight… and since I hadn’t committed to a grocery store run since well before thanksgiving… I grabbed eggs and OJ and did the whole breakfast spread tonight for dinner:...