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Heidi Swapp

happy may day!

today is not only the first day of the week (monday-i love), and not only the first day of the MONTH!! (welcome MAY)it's also the first day of my 35th year of life. i totally love new beginnings...


good monday morning!

i woke up at 5:04am. i did set the alarm so that i could snooze once. do real morning people hit snooze? they probably don't really even need an alarm!  it was dark and cold when i got up...


10 pm- lights out

tonight starts my week of being a morning person. i have 10 minutes before lights out! i have already made my list for tomorrow. i want to see how much stuff i can get done before 8am, the time i usually rise. i will post more...


already another monday?

It’s Monday again! Where did the last week go? You know that I love Mondays… and I am in fact, sitting in a clean house. i did purchase these beautiful cleaning products from target over the holiday weekend...


meeting baby aspen

the weather here in SLC is pretty lousy, and apparently it's affecting the flight schedules.  so i am sitting on the floor in the SLC airport eating a bag  of Lay's potato chips with Quincy, and she says "doesn't this just seem like a picnic!"...