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Heidi Swapp

Christmas in NYC

Guess how late we just slept in until? Noon. Eric and I are in NYC celebrating our anniversary and e’s birthday… and we got a great deal on a room at my FAVORITE hotel… the Westin! And the Heavenly bed, and hence the reason...


monday night…

Without a doubt, my FAVORITE thing about Christmas is Christmas Cards.  I have always loved making them… but I definitley love getting them. I have received quite a few, and I put them all up on my magnet board and I leave them up forever....



Seriously… yesterday I got the biggest TREAT!! Emily and I drove about 2 hours north to Prescott, AZ and spent the day with Tim Holtz… we have been trying to get together for like 2 years now… I am always complaining to him that I...


sunny AZ!

72 degrees never felt so great to me as walking off the plane in my own hometown after a little visit to -18 Minneapolis. I have to say, AZ rocks this time of year…it’s gorgeous! For those of you who guessed the ONE and ONLY...


against COLD

Maybe I have been overwhelmed with my life… I am not really sure! This holiday season stuff really freaks me out. but I can’t believe that it’s been more than a week since I blogged. Where have I been? What have I been doing? All...


i {heart} mondays

There is something so comfortable and low maintenance about making breakfast for dinner.  It sounded good tonight… and since I hadn’t committed to a grocery store run since well before thanksgiving… I grabbed eggs and OJ and did the whole breakfast spread tonight for dinner:...


back to work

Back to work. LOVED my 4 days of off-ness. LOVED it.  I was the ultimate lazy. I didn’t do anything that I really had planned to do. and you know what, I am ok with that. I went to bed early and I was calm...


friday night

This week flew by! And next week is thanksgiving. Hello- that is a SCARY thought! Not only because it’s inching closer and closer to Christmas, and Christmas stresses me out. but because I have a lot of really serious deadlines. By that I mean, I...