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Heidi Swapp

so fun!

I had such a good morning!We finally got to view the final versions of all the ‘CREATIVE ESCAPE’ class projects.Dang.Good stuff! I am thrilled..The coolest thing about the format of this event… is that we have been able to plan the event as a whole....


happy mother's day

Yikes…It’s been a long time since I have BLOGGED…There has been so much going on the last week… blogging was not an option. What did I accomplish? I don’t really know. Seems like I was in a lot of meetings… had a lot of decisions...


happy may day!

today is not only the first day of the week (monday-i love), and not only the first day of the MONTH!! (welcome MAY)it's also the first day of my 35th year of life. i totally love new beginnings...