bon voyage!

i am mentally trying to run through all the classes, activities and excursions we have planned and trying to think if there is anything i have forgotten! there must be something!! i have all my clothes packed… that was quite a daunting task, as i think that in the last 24 hours, my belly has […]

happy news

so after all the emails and comments  i got telling me that there is a chance you  can recover images from your memory card… emily took my card into mesa photo and they were able to recover the photos from the ruban rouge weekend!!   i got a bunch of really cute  photos from Lisa […]

creative escape… the ULTIMATE scrapbook indulgence!!!

Well, I can’t contain my excitement anymore…and there is a little something-something up now on the website , so I feel like I can **officially, non-officially** talk about it!! there has been some little rumblings about it… and we have gotten a bunch of emails as a result of an Arizona Republic article that […]


hasn’t it been just the most stunning thing to watch the competitions this week on tv? i have to admit… i got sucked into american idol this season. i have never watched it before… and i am a junkie… seriously, 6 hours of idol this weeK? it’s a curse to my life! and i can’t […]

for all you SHE's

i LOVE this… i found it in vegas at "White House, Black Market". it was on clearance, but i was so surprised to find something totally "SHE"! i had to share it as the lovely ladies in my chicago track are working on all their ‘she statements’… it’s a little stationary box, filled with cute […]

cause for celebration!

what a slacker i have been! but i am HAPPY to report… all of our artwork for CHAsummer2006 is TURNED IN…and RIGHT on time. deadline met… frankly.. that is not normal for me!!!!! do you have any idea how cool that is? well, it’s cause for celebration! even more cause for celebration is that after […]

it's 3:30am

this is an hour i used to know well… by the time it would be 3am or so… i figured i had about another 1 1/2 hours left in me to work.  i haven’t been up at this hour for quite some time. tonight, i went to bed about 10pm. couldn’t keep my eyes open.  […]


i think that i am inspired by a lot of different things… i love magazines for sure. i love target. i love going to the mall… visiting anthropologie and urban outfitters. i love skateboard shops and little boutiques and gift shops. however, inspriation is more than just visual. and can be discovered in song and […]


just in case there was any question ever about how cool DONNA is… she emailed me these photos tonight in an email with the subject line reading “i made an album from your garbage!”… these boxes are what the silhouettes come packaged in…and i think a few more things… most people don’t see what the […]

for the love of monday

why… you ask… do i love monday??? can anyone guess????? 24 is on tonight. i can’t wait. and the cleaners come on monday. my house smells so good. i had my first dr. appointment today! pretty exciting! i got to see my baby! it was so fun to see it with the ultra sound… how […]