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good monday morning!

i woke up at 5:04am. i did set the alarm so that i could snooze once. do real morning people hit snooze? they probably don’t really even need an alarm!  it was dark and cold when i got up… i washed my face with my new anti-aging face system! (i hope that starts working as […]

10 pm- lights out

tonight starts my week of being a morning person. i have 10 minutes before lights out! i have already made my list for tomorrow. i want to see how much stuff i can get done before 8am, the time i usually rise. i will post more tomorrow (blog post is on the list)… about what […]

beautiful morning…

this morning when i woke up… (and same thing yesterday)… i was so amazed at how beautiful it was looking out the window. it really is the best time of year here.  the desert is blooming, the air is cool and crisp and the sun is so radiant… lights up everything. and all i can […]

seriously… can you think of anything better??bunch of kids running around having a blast!?the pool is officially open for business… not for me, mind you… it has to be WAY hot outside for me to get in! it’s still freezing cold water… but i am willing to sit out there… maternity bathing suit and all!the […]

already another monday?

It’s Monday again! Where did the last week go? You know that I love Mondays… and I am in fact, sitting in a clean house. i did purchase these beautiful cleaning products from target over the holiday weekend… slowly but surely, the house is being taken over by pink… but, looks so pretty and clean! […]

love mondays!!

i know i have talked about this before… how much i love monday! this is my t0-do list for today… and you know… i almost got it all done! i did some stuff that wasn’t on the list, and i had to add it so i could cross it off, so that i could feel […]

meeting baby aspen

the weather here in SLC is pretty lousy, and apparently it’s affecting the flight schedules.  so i am sitting on the floor in the SLC airport eating a bag  of Lay’s potato chips with Quincy, and she says "doesn’t this just seem like a picnic!"… she has a lot better attitude than i do!last week, […]

missing OUT

i got this image in my in-box this morning from J CREW: seriously… SO CUTE… only becuase i am PREGNANT do i see something that i really can’t live without!!! how freaking cute are these? i am loving them with the sassy espadrills… sigh… i am having issues with the maternity clothes scene! typical… i […]

going HOME

It’s 1:30am, and I am breathing a sigh of relief!  We have a 7:30am flight to catch, so we are looking at a short night of sleep. CKU-a Chicago is over…I love being a part of it! I love teaching the “SHE” track… it’s so much fun to be here, and introduce people to not […]

good night

Tonight eric and I went out for a late dinner, and got home after the kids were already in bed… as I have been writing last minute emails and gathering my things, quincy woke up and wanted a good night kiss… I carried her into my bed and layed down with her for a few […]