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today is like the first day i have been home in over 2 weeks. HOME. there are 2 kinds of good days. they are distinct and different. one is a result of a productive day at work. the other is a result of a quality day at home. they do not happen on the same […]

here it is!! so excited!

alright, so… keep in mind that this is not a big-budget production! LOL!! the movie is 8 minutes… you know me, i am long-winded! but… i think you will LAUGH! if nothing else!it may take a couple minutes to download, and you may need to download quicktime if you don’t have it! rub-on movie!!

rub on video

i am so bummed!we have the movie all edited and ready to go… it runs on the blog on my machine, but isn’t working for anyone else… i am going to try to get it up on the website tomorrow…DANG!!!!(any experts out there?)

mary engelbreit

so a few of you have mentioned seeing my piece in the ‘home companion’… and i have been surprised at the number of emails i have rec’d as well…i just picked up my copy! i have to admit… i was so excited to be invited to create something for the april/may issue of ‘home companion’. […]

change of scenery

After a few short hours home from the western carribean… we packed up our crew in the car and headed for slc, utah! It’s spring break in sunny az…and despite it being the absolute most beautiful time of year in az, my boys all wanted to go snowboarding. I had meetings here in utah, so […]

somewhere between belize and costa maya

Again… here we are … somewhere in the Caribbean ocean… floating. (rocking, swaying)! We had so much fun today! We just gone done teaching one of our classes… it went great. Everyone seemed to love the class! Once again… 100 people that were able to use the rub-ons without a single problem! (well, unless you […]

somewhere in the middle of the ocean…

pretty amazing really… i am sitting in my “stateroom” and have access to wireless internet here on my lap! yikes… i am exhausted after a red-eye flight to miami and boarding the boat–finding our way around… getting all situated.. this is awesome! we have had a chance to meet most of the scrapbookers here on […]

bon voyage!

i am mentally trying to run through all the classes, activities and excursions we have planned and trying to think if there is anything i have forgotten! there must be something!! i have all my clothes packed… that was quite a daunting task, as i think that in the last 24 hours, my belly has […]

happy news

so after all the emails and comments  i got telling me that there is a chance you  can recover images from your memory card… emily took my card into mesa photo and they were able to recover the photos from the ruban rouge weekend!!   i got a bunch of really cute  photos from Lisa […]

creative escape… the ULTIMATE scrapbook indulgence!!!

Well, I can’t contain my excitement anymore…and there is a little something-something up now on the website , so I feel like I can **officially, non-officially** talk about it!! there has been some little rumblings about it… and we have gotten a bunch of emails as a result of an Arizona Republic article that […]