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CHA… oh my…!

i think i have everything together. this week has been so crazy… and what i have planned for the booth is nuts. i hope that it comes off ok. there are some unknowns, and some time constraints… so i am nervous. i have been looking at photos and scrapbook pages of last year CHA winter […]

fun with maskS!

so… always people are asking me what my favorite product is… and i can tell you, that it’s impossible to pick a favorite! i love it all so much! however… i have to admit, that i am quite proud of the masks… the creative, artistic, non-conformist soul inside me really likes the masks… i love […]

beach taco shop

i have to share these photos… this was so fuN! we left the perfect ‘resort life’ and headed out in search of a surf spot on the pacific side… it was up toward todos santos. k, so we rented a suburban and we weren’t really sure where we were going — so we found this […]


well, i took a few more photos today… i got some really beautiful shots… not too hard to do around here. seriously, this resort life rocks… i sat here on the edge of this cliff all day… on the beach chairs and then in the afternoon we napped in this little sun-bed thing that is […]

little slice of paradise

i hate to tell you this… but i am in cabo san lucas, mexico… my folks have a time share here… and invited all of us ‘kids’… (me, cam and katie + spouses) down for the week! it was their christmas gift to all of us! pretty awesome. so there are 8 of us in […]

tagged by donna

ok…. so my cutie friend DONNA DOWNEY tagged me…so here goes… don’t you just love donna… i think she rocks. and then i am going to get some work done… since all i have done today is dealt with a barfing dog and determining the winner for my junk contest!!! (really she is getting the […]


YOU ARE A WINNER !!!!! you picked 430! that was the number! (it’s MY birthday!–april 30) so sarah… if you are out there… i emailed you! i need your address!!!! quick! my scrapbook room is so clean! thanks everyone for your guesses!!!!! my eyes are bugging out just looking through all of them~! that was […]

and the winner is….

ok ok ok WOWSA…. i have a lot of responses to look through!!! give me a minute… i had to take the dog to the vet… he’s sick… just got back and there are a lot of guesses and emails!!!! so the game is closed … i will have a winner VERY shortly! i don’t […]

clean sweep

hey folks… emily and jodi and i are cleaning out my scrapbook room and my scrapbook closet! it has been a complete disaster… i am NOT a clean-bean… by any stretch of the imagination… and so i have stuff that has been hanging around… extra kits, old UGLY layouts… random negative strips… that kind of […]

holy cow… thanks!

thank you all SOOOOOO much for the warm congrats and encouragement in the comments and emails that i have recieved!! what a delight it was to open up the blog to that embarassignly huge response… so thank you with all my heart! you have no idea… it’s midnight- sunday and i am sitting here eating […]