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guess what!

i’m pregnant! (smile!) i think the word got out a little today. i did an online chat last night, at croppers cottage.. i really like those croppers cottage ladies… anyway… there were several questions about ‘what is going to be the next big trend!’ and i finally had to admit that my big trend is […]

wow! happy new year

it’s been a LONG time since i blogged….seriously everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! i have to tell you that despite my BAH HUMBUG attitude, we had the most wonderful, fabulous, delightful christmas on record! from about the time of my last post until christmas eve… i was under the GUN… work deadlines were top pryority and […]

gingerbread houses!

You will be SOOO proud of me. We did GINGERBREAD HOUSES… This, coming from a woman who has banned play-doh from her house forever… gingerbread houses has to be in that same category! Serious mess. But I took the tradition highroad! We PLANNED a night to have everyone over for the event. Eric’s mom brought […]

in case you don't like PINK!

(which i can’t imagine anyone not liking pink!) here is a little peak into emily water’s christmas forest that we put up couple nights ago. dang this turned out SOOO cute! i bought these cute signs 2 years ago at target and have had them on my trees for 2 years, and then i wasn’t […]

the pink christmas forest

so instead of a christmas tree, i decided to create a christmas forest! i ended up with 4 pink trees, and combined them with 4 gree trees… and now after 2 days and some serious gitty enthusiasm… this is how it looks now! so enjoyable! i added another photo album that has close ups of […]

pink christmas spirit!

you know that i am not the most christmassy person… but i have been trying… working on the christmas advent albums has been so fun- and helpful, for me! but there has been something that totally has excited me about christmas! it’s a little silly- doesn’t really have anything to do with the ‘real’ reason […]

live on TV!

live tv freaks me out. i was on what is called “sonoran living”… it’s the 9 am live show on the abc channel here. i thought that it actually went pretty well! a long time ago, we worked on a book at making memories called ‘a season of giving’. i love the book… good stuff […]

seeing a dent!

ok… it’s after 2pm. i am still in my PJ’s… got up this morning and came straight into my studio and started scrapbooking. i am not sure how the kids got breakfast, but they weren’t asking me, so i wasn’t asking them! the kids have spent all day playing outside and i have just been […]

turkey eve

although i have kept up with my ‘goal’ of scrapbooking a page a day all week from my recent NYC trip… the stack of photos is not really dwindling! and here is yet another ‘one-photo’ layout- but i like it! i like the unusual color combo: pink, red and split-pea soup green! the green “dotty” […]

cyber planning

this is among the top 3 best photos from the trip! we were all sitting on this bed in our hotel, because for some reason, while sitting on this bed, we could pick up signal from some random guy that has wireless close by! so we could use it for free… we were all huddled […]