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got to pulling out some of my scrapbook albums. I have a lot, and most are in boxes, but I am working on a big project, and wanted to refer to some old pages.  I only got out 5 albums, but it was getting in a time machine. I did a little laughing, and a little crying- my kids were like “mom… are you crying????”.  Its crazy how those emotions come right back to the surface. Everytime! (I am so thankful for every second I have spent making these crazy books)…

anyway, ran across this page- I didn’t date it, which is the number one rule….ALWAYS date your work.  Both eric and I –at the same time- said, “ this was such a fun day”. It was the day that we hiked ‘rim to rim’ in the Grand Canyon. It was so much fun. It was hard.  This page is simple, you might have seen it before if you have my Handwriting book… but I love this quote.


This morning as I was reading Twitter I read this: “the thought you believe the most will dictate what actions you take”. (it was from @TheDailyLove).  Then it said: “what are you believing”.  I got to asking myself, for the next couple of hours—and even decided to write in my journal about it. I think that it’s so hard to turn it around- your thoughts. I catch myself believing the EASY things to believe… which are usually the negative, or the worse case scenario- instead of believing that things will work out great and risk disappointment… just like anything you have to start small…practice believing in some simple things, and focusing on those.  And then acknowledging all the good things that happen! And being thankful.  So, in my journal I listed a few things that I WANT to believe in… I even put my list on a sticky note on the fridge. I am going to work on BOLDLY meeting a couple of my obstacles, and choosing to believe


Here is a great (quick) read, on this subject.. feeling inspired and energized.


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