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bon voyage…

bon voyage…

Ok, 3 hours and counting.
It’s snowing here in Beijing today, so leaving for sunny Brisbane is even more enticing! It’s always hard to leave…but glad they will all be joining me on Sat of next week. Eric is celebrating our #14 anniversary flying from Beijing to Brisbane w/ 5 kids all by himself! Is he getting the father of the year award or what!? Yikes.  Our anniversary is the 21st, and his birthday is the 22nd… so he will be so full of joy! Smile. No, he is like a total super-dad, and not even phased by the prospect of the 12 hour flight to Sydney and continuation to Brisbane! I think it’s the kite surfing that he’s focused on. We are going to have so much fun.
Anyway.. I wanted to share a quick sneak peek w/ the ladies that will be joining me on the Ultimate cruise! You are going to be getting a supply list from me, via the Scrapmap folks… this is just one of the classes that I will be teaching… the other is a purely technique class that I will be spilling some CHA winter beans! One of the collections I am releasing at the show is called ‘summer sun’, so I had to use that of course, since it won’t be summer, but it will be SUN! ok, I gotta jet.


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