Heidi Swapp | bon voyage!
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bon voyage!

i am mentally trying to run through all the classes, activities and excursions we have planned and trying to think if there is anything i have forgotten! there must be something!!

i have all my clothes packed… that was quite a daunting task, as i think that in the last 24 hours, my belly has doubled in size… among other areas! i tell you what, it was a real downer to try to gather clothing, only to find everything too tight and completely uncomfortable! so, i did have to make a few new purchases, that i can only HOPE will get me through the week without too much additional expansion! i always feel so much better when i am sitting in the car… on the way to the airport… with that attitude of … ‘oh well!’

hopefuly i will be able to post some of the good times we are having sailing on the ocean blue!! until then… bon voyage!

(this is all really bringing back images of “the love boat”… what a great show…)
and frankly, i am really bummed to be missing the 2 hour episode of 24 on monday night.